Top Luxury Bedroom Furniture Trends

Top Luxury Bedroom Furniture Trends

Whether you just finished a bedroom remodel, built a new master bedroom add on, just bought a home, or just want a change, affordable furniture and décor make it easy to design the perfect luxury bedroom. Using furniture with free delivery expands your budget so that you don’t have to break the bank or hire an expensive interior designer to get that luxury look and feel. All you need is a reputable online furniture store that sells matched bedroom furniture and to remember the following luxury bedroom interior design trends for 2022.

Luxury bedrooms are spacious – or seemingly so.

One of the simpler interior design elements that all luxury spaces have in common is the feeling of open space. This is even more important now that people are spending more time at home than they have in decades. Luxury spaces are far from cramped, even when they are full of furniture.

Even if you aren’t working with a particularly large space, you can give the illusion of open space by choosing furniture that is more slimline and narrow to free up additional floor space without taking away the functionality of your bedroom furniture.

Furniture should be both luxurious and comfortable.

There are a lot of options for lush upholstery and soft textiles, but comfort and functionality should still come before luxury features. Headboards upholstered in velvet, satin, or linen often come tufted as well, giving you a lot more padding and comfort while showing off your interior design tastes. Upholstery or coverings for other furniture like accent chairs or bedroom benches could encompass many other options as well, including faux fur for a flashy bench or vanity. Check out European Leather Gallery to see a vast selection of luxury furniture.

Geometric shapes in rich colors make a bold statement.

One of the fastest-growing trends in home furniture (and furnishings in general) is the addition of geometric elements combined with bold colors. A great way to take advantage of this trend is to combine a lush, royal blue velvet loveseat with a glass-top coffee table that rests on an intricately geometric base or metal supports.

Don’t get too carried away with geometric furniture pieces. You only really want one or two of these seemingly unique furnishings – any more than that and the room will look far too busy, overwhelming the senses instead of pleasing them. Bold, rich colors are important, and you can do some mixing and matching, but in the end, make sure that they don’t clash or take away from the design of the room.

Little touches add up to an impressive bedroom.

There are a few minor features or details that you might not think about when looking for new furniture, but that add up to making the room more impressive and somewhat flashy. Most of these features have to do with the design and model of the furniture, and each luxury furniture brand has multiple affordable options. Don’t ignore the fine details as you are looking through online furniture catalogs, as small details like intricate designs in gold leaf or heavily carved polished woodwork together to create that luxurious aesthetic.

For those who want to combine luxury with the design of a young starlet, furry benches, chairs, or stools, mirrored dresser fronts, and small details like intricate designs of gold leaf all work together to make your bedroom that much more impressive to visitors.

In any case, once you have chosen all of your furnishings, look through collections of home décor within the same brands and styles to pull the room together.