5 Top Luxury Travel Destinations in Croatia

5 Top Luxury Travel Destinations in Croatia

If you’re conscious about what you're looking for whenever you visit a new place, then you'll love Croatia. The place boasts about historic old cities and towns, lovely caves and beaches, rich culture and distinct foods. All these make Croatia one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. So, if you're planning a tour to this beautiful destination, here are the top places you shouldn't miss. If you are interested in renting a villa in Croatia, visit https://www.luxury-villas-in-croatia.com/


This fantastic destination is located in the Istria peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. If you're thrilled by a place that takes you back to the ancient days, Pula will be your ideal destination. The place is rich in history dating back to ancient Roman. This was the destination for all those who loved watching gladiator fights. Pula became part of Croatia after being ruled by various government powers. To date, the place still boasts of a mix of culture and Roman ruins, making it a perfect destination for spending your summer holidays.

Plitvice National Park

If you haven't visited this park in Croatia, then you have not seen enough greenery and nature in your life. Plitvice National Park is considered one of the most stunning natural wonders in Europe. The park is made up of several lakes, lush forests, and waterfalls, all creating a park of nature. This park houses the 16 interconnecting lakes divided into upper and lower clusters. Well, these are not natural wonders for nothing. The lakes which were formed by natural travertine dams range in distinct colors from green to blue, turquoise, and gray.


This is Croatian capital, also offering the best tourist experience when you visit Croatia. The city is rich in culture, and you can get plenty of exciting art and foodie treats along the streets. This is where you get to experience a mix of modern and historical attractions. While in the city, don't forget to pass by the Museum of Broken Relationships and see the fantastic cultural exhibition of items left from real relationships. If you run out of things to do here, don't go home yet, Nautal will help you find amazing things to enjoy until your vacation time is over.


This is a fantastic Island that you shouldn't miss when you visit Croatia. The Island has plenty of natural attractions that see tourists flocking every summer months. One of the major attractions in Bisevo Island is the Blue Cave, a 24-meter cave known for its natural wonders. Tourists throng this place to witness the magical water light up, forming an electric blue whenever the limestone is hit with sunlight.


Dubrovnik is another popular city in Croatia that you can visit to treat yourself to a vacation full of adventure, history, and culture. Thanks to its thrill of adventure, Dubrovnik was Nicknamed "Pearl of the Adriatic." The first thing you'll notice when you arrive in this city is the orange rooftop houses. When you dig deeper into history, you'll get a welcome to old, defensive walls, magnificent palaces, cobblestone streets, and marvelous churches. If you're more of a water person, then you won't be left out either because the city has famous beaches like Lapad and Banje.