10 Top New Year's Resolutions for Travelers in 2023

10 Top New Year's Resolutions for Travelers in 2023

For the globetrotters of the world who are looking to elevate their travel game, we've compiled a list of goals to add to your New Year Resolutions in 2023. From traveling more sustainably to refining your tasting palette, these resolutions will help you create an impact and enjoy what the world has to offer.

For Those Looking to Travel More Sustainably

Etihad Airways is helping those looking to lessen their carbon footprint and make sustainability a focus in 2023. Through their Conscious Choices program, travelers can join Etihad to transform the way we live and travel; making small changes today that have a big impact tomorrow. The program, which launched in January 2022, allows travelers to accumulate Tier Miles and additional benefits for carrying less baggage on board and offsetting their flights’ carbon emissions using Etihad Guest Miles. Travelers can also pay an emissions surcharge, with the proceeds used for solutions such as planting mangroves or reforestation. When not flying, members can earn Tier Miles by offsetting everyday emissions such as driving, cooking and cooling their homes. Every time a member does something good for the world, they’ll earn a sustainability badge and Etihad Guest Tier Miles helping them unlock even more rewards.

For Those Looking to Try Out Being A Digital Nomad

For those looking to take the leap of faith and move abroad in the New Year,  International Citizens Insurance has the toolkit to help you do so. Whether you’re looking to retire abroad, become a digital nomad or find the best medical insurance that will cover you overseas, ICI’s team of experts help individuals, families and companies navigate the complexities of moving abroad. If you are interested in learning more about International Citizens Insurance’s services, we’d be happy to have Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance,  provide further insight.

For Those Wanting to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint 

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a must-see international destination for 2023, especially for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint and make sustainability a key point in their resolutions. Not only is this city on the water a picturesque destination with a rich history and impressive natural landscapes, but the destination is putting sustainability and respecting and acknowledging local First Nations at the forefront. Travelers to Victoria can see these efforts in action by booking a stay at a carbon-neutral hotel like Inn at Laurel Point or Parkside Hotel, dining at Canada’s first carbon-neutral fast food restaurant like Big Wheel Burger, or seeing the iconic Orca Whales with a carbon-neutral and ocean-friendly tour operator like Orca Spirit or Eagle Wing Tours. In addition, in partnership with the First Nations, indigenous tourism in the region is growing. For example, in a newly launched experience, the Songhees Nation welcomes all visitors to the Lekwungen Traditional Territory to join them to immerse in the culture, traditions, hospitality, and cuisine of the Songhees people on their land. For more information on sustainable travel in Victoria, click here.

For Those Wanting to Set Their Wellness Intentions

Koele Restaraunt Lanai
Image Credit: Sensei Lanai/Robb Aaron Gordon

For those looking to improve their health and set actionable wellness goals, look no further than Sensei retreats, with locations in both Lanai and Rancho Mirage. Set within the secluded Hawaiian island’s 90,000 acres in the spiritual uplands of Ko’ele, Sensei Lāna’i, A Four Seasons Resort is a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat, founded by Larry Ellison and Dr. David Agus, with the goal of helping people live longer healthier lives. Each guest’s stay is led by Sensei Guides and practitioners who hold degrees in their respective fields and is highly customized to help align guest’s actions with their intentions. Highlights include private wellness consultations, small indoor and outdoor classes, relaxing treatments in individual 1,000-square-feet spa hales, island adventures and innovative dining guided by the Sensei nutritional philosophy. Sensei Porcupine Creek, which just opened in November, has converted a 230-acre private estate, nestled against the Santa Rosa mountains in Rancho Mirage, California, into an ultra-luxury wellbeing experience. The tranquil and intimate setting features a small number of hotel rooms in the former estate house, as well as private villas clustered throughout the luxurious property. Renowned for its private golf course, world-class tennis facilities and notable guests, Sensei Porcupine Creek offers similar spa, nutrition, movement, and other wellness and sports programs found at its sister facility in Hawaii. Both Sensei retreats offer wellness programming for every level, including the beginner Discover Sensei Package that offers a taste of Sensei’s unique wellness offerings; the Guided Sensei Experience, where Sensei Guides curate personalized itineraries with a variety of one-on-one wellness sessions; or the Optimal Wellbeing Program (OWP), a new, innovative and life changing wellness program that is highly tailored to the individual through health technology, data-capturing and analysis. Sensei also offers two expansions of the original OWP with dedicated Golf and Tennis programs.

For Those Wanting to Explore Natural Wonders

For those resolving to become more attune with nature in 2023, you can’t go wrong with America’s 400 national parks – and the granddaddy of them all, Yellowstone National Park. Comprised of 2.2 million acres of untouched wilderness, America’s oldest national park offers travelers the chance to observe wildlife in an intact ecosystem, explore geothermal areas that contain about half of the world’s active geysers including Old Faithful, and view geologic phenomenon such as Mammoth Hot Springs. There are plenty of opportunities to become immersed in the Rocky Mountain backcountry with more than 900 miles of hiking trails, bus tours from Yellowstone Vacations and water activities like fishing, kayaking and whitewater rafting. Enjoy Yellowstone and America’s other national parks for free on five free-entry days in 2023: Jan. 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), April 22 (National Park Week), Aug. 4 (Great American Outdoors Day ), Sept. 23 (National Public Lands Day) and Nov. 11 (Veterans Day).

For Those Wanting to Travel more Responsibly 

Travelers wanting to not only experience some of the most remote destinations in the world, but also give back to the community and environment where they're traveling can experience a trek with Aurora Expeditions. A commitment to responsible travel has always been a part of Aurora's mission and the adventure travel company prides itself on carrying a responsibility to encourage its passengers to respectfully visit the planet's remote wilderness areas and return as ambassadors charged with protecting these important regions. Aurora’s Sustainability in Action Program focuses on four key strategic areas including Minimal Footprint, Education & Enrichment, People & Community and Environmental Management Systems. Some of its key initiatives include the travel company’s carbon neutral status and its Citizen Science Program. Through the Citizen Science Program, like-minded travelers are able to share new discoveries and deepen their connection to the natural world in a relaxed, informal and fun environment. By taking part in these programs, travelers are not just passively consuming the destination, rather, they're taking part in and contributing to create and precipitate change and sustainable development in action.

For Those Looking to Learn More About Wine

Known for its fruit-forward wines, Traverse City is an under the radar wine region that packs a punch, located on the 45th parallel, lining up with the most prestigious wine regions across the globe such as Piedmont, Italy and the Willamette Valley in Oregon. For those looking to refine their tasting palette or learn more about wine in a relaxed and affordable environment, look no further than this midwest wine haven. For those visiting in the early portion of the year, Traverse City’s wine business doesn’t stop when the cold season hits, as the snow actually provides a unique experience. Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery goes beyond the traditional wine tasting to offer fire pits and a snowshoeing wine tasting experience beginning in December, where guests can snowshoe across the snowy vineyards while enjoying a tasting. For those visiting in the warmer months, enjoy the many beautiful outdoor patios and tasting rooms at spots like Black Star Farms, Chateau Chantal, Chateau Grand Traverse and more, many of which offer top notch wines paired with views of blooming cherry trees and endless lakes.

For Those Looking to Restart Their Wellness and Connect with Nature

Welcome wellness in the new year with an escape to Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort. Tucked away on a lush hillside, Windjammer Landing is reminiscent of a picturesque Mediterranean village, but with 64,000 square feet of powdery white sand and views of the Caribbean. Guests can relax in a private villa with their own plunge pool or bask in the sun steps from the cerulean waters of Labrelotte Bay. The Serene Spa at Windjammer Landing is a wellness oasis for travelers of all kinds. The team of spa professionals use care and expertise to perform relaxing yet invigorating treatments and offer unique and creative packages for guests to reach their highest potential. With a range of relaxing and restorative treatments that create a lasting effect. Some unique wellness offerings that guests can participate in are:

  • Full Moon Ritual: Inviting guests to feel the divine energy of the moon through an unforgettable evening at the beach including a night boat ride in Labrelotte Bay, a Yin yoga session with guided meditation, signature massage, communal plant-based dinner, and a stargazing session. Guests have the option to add an underwater night dive focusing on underwater yoga and breathing techniques to calm the body and mind.
  • Hummingbird Yoga: Practice yoga atop the picturesque hilltop garden surrounded by bright red and yellow flowers shaped like tubes to attract the island's hummingbirds. There are bird feeders placed throughout the flowers as well to keep the birds in proximity as they know that it is a safe place to get their water.
  • Spa Packages Focusing on Detox, Immunity and Weight Loss: Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort welcomes wellness travelers with three packages focusing on Detox, Immunity and Weight Loss. Fit for travelers of all kinds, the three packages have one-, three- and five-day options, which will include initial consultation, personalized wellness classes such as yoga and meditation, spa treatments that are personalized to the guest’s needs, cupping therapy, steam room access, earthing/grounding sessions in the resort’s on-property garden, nature healing and therapeutic gardening, stargazing and more. For nutrition, the experiences include a wellness menu featuring six juicing options for one and three days, as well as vegan, raw and low-carb dietary programming.

For Those Wanting to Get Creative

Let your creative juices flow this new year in one of the most artsy cities in Florida! St. Pete is home to artisan markets, glass-blowing classes and the St. Pete Art Alliance’s internationally-recognized mural displays brightening up the city streets. The Dalí Museum is the crown jewel of St. Pete’s artistic endeavors, boasting the largest collection of Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí’s works outside of Spain. The Dalí combines mind-bending architecture with a massive permanent collection of Dali. A new exhibit titled The Shape Of Dreams explores 500 years of paintings between the 16th and 20th centuries that feature artists’ renditions of dreams, and how they affect our reality. Open from now until April 30th, the exhibit features AI technology that can create original, realistic images and art from a text description of a recent dream. The Dalí’s debut of its latest innovation, the Dream Tapestry, continues the Museum’s commitment to engaging visitors through immersive, interactive experiences while providing an educational art encounter. Visit St. Pete to get your creative fix today!

For Those Wanting To See More On Their Next City Break

The leader in app-based attraction passes, Go City, is a tool for travelers looking to see and do more while exploring a new city. There is everything from bucket list attractions and top tours such as Universal Studios, Statue of Liberty, The Vatican, Eiffel Tower, Cirque du Soleil shows, Burj Khalifa and more, to hidden gem and exclusive experiences such as a tour of Fenway Park, Texas Ranger Museum, The Mob Museum, to wine and cheese-making classes and more. Other benefits include line privileges at certain attractions and the convenience of a single, easy-to-use smartphone app. With Go City, it’s one price, one pass, and everything you need, right there on your phone.