Top 10 Packing Tips from Travel Gal Boutique

Top 10 Packing Tips from Travel Gal Boutique
Lynette says, "A few well-selected pieces can make multiple outfits which allow you to travel light. Choose a few pieces to add into your current wardrobe or fall in love with the entire collection. It's up to you. Now grab those plane tickets and get going!"

Top 10 Travel Packing Tips

1. Buy outfits – pack outfits. Women tend to buy separates while men tend to buy outfits. Just check out a man's closet—you'll find fewer clothes, and they never stare into it saying, "I've got nothing to wear". When you pack, instead of laying out the shirts with the shirts and the pants with the pants, lay out your clothes in combinations—or outfits—that can be worn together. One piece of clothing can (and should) be part of more than one outfit. Only pack enough outfits to get you through each day of your trip and nothing more!

2. Pack items you can wear at least twice. If you can't get more than one wear from a piece of clothing, it should not go into your suitcase. Ask yourself, "Is this comfortable and durable enough to wear twice?" and "Can I use it to make at least two different outfits?" After asking these questions, I think you'll find it easier and easier to pack appropriately.

3. Launder clothes. I can hear you saying "No way!" If you are planning a 2 week or longer vacation, I would recommend laundering clothes instead of packing more items. Remember, the goal is to pack less which keeps your luggage free for shopping sprees.

4. Wear the clothes you buy on vacation. There is no need to "save" them until you return home. How fun is it to wear the sundress you bought in Maui when you are actually in Maui? Plus, when you get home and wear the sundress, it will bring back pleasant memories of your vacation.

5. Don't bring work clothes on a vacation. Trust me, when you open your suitcase and see the trousers you wear every Thursday to work, you will not feel excited. Part of the fun of traveling is wearing new and different clothes, so try not to pack anything that will remind you of the daily grind.

6. Tailor your clothes for a custom fit. If you love the dress but the neckline is gaping, don't waste 4 more hours shopping for a perfect fit; bring the item to a tailor and get the shoulders taken up. For less than $20, you can usually get an outfit tailored. The clothing is transformed from off-the-rack to custom fit. Remember, the clothes that you wear over and over again are the clothes that fit you best. Now isn't that worth $20?

7. Pack only 3 pairs of shoes. Two casual pairs and one dressy. Shoes take up a lot of room and are very heavy. Wear one pair and pack the other 2 pairs. How can you justify buying shoes on vacation if you've packed 6 pairs? Smart, eh?!

8. Wear and ditch old clothing. I did this a few years ago when I went to New York. I had a jogging suit that needed to be retired. I wore it on the plane and in the hotel room. I left it behind and wore another outfit home. This gave me more space to pack my souvenirs. If you don't want your clothes to go to waste, try and drop them into a charitable donation bin.

9. Layer and roll. Pack your suitcase in such a way that maximizes free space and minimizes wrinkling all those great outfits you've selected. Here's how: Pants can be laid the full length of the suitcase with ends going up either side. Lay several tops one-on-top of another and roll. Place rolls of clothes on top of pants. (Dry cleaning bags can be layered in-between clothes for less friction and wrinkles.) Shoes and heavier items go towards the bottom or wheels of suitcase to minimize wrinkles. Use inside and outside pockets for toiletries, lingerie and accessories. Easy!!!

10. Don't pack emotionally. It never fails. As you are zipping up your suitcase, a voice whispers "you might need that extra sweater" or "you'll regret not packing the blue dress". Don't listen to it. If you've packed in outfits, trust me, you're packed.

Source: Travel Gal Boutique