Top Things To Do & See in Portugal

Top Things To Do & See in Portugal

Whether you seek an active, educational, or relaxing holiday, choosing Portugal will meet all your expectations. There is nothing better than a destination of rich culture and history, fun entertainment, and pleasant weather. However, planning your final locations can get overwhelming, so we present you with our picks for top things to do and see in Portugal!

Wander Around Braga

One of the oldest cities in the country, Barga, was initially located on one of the main Roman roads, and the evidence of the past is still visible to this day. This is the top place for you to roam around without a map and just get lost between the ancient cathedrals and blooming gardens. Make sure to visit Cathedral Treasure Museum to see a wealthy collection of antique items.

Spend Your Days in Porto

Another gem of the country, Porto, is good entertainment day and night. You can choose between spending your time lying on the beach, soaking up the warmth of the southern sun, or going sightseeing as there are many beautiful monuments spread across the streets of the city. Then, in the evening, join the buzzing life and revels, and get tipsy on the famous Porto wine.

The city is easily reachable by public transport, so if you are traveling from the capital, check out the Lisbon to Porto train.

Go on a Cruise Tour in Faro

Faro is a city in the south of Portugal, with a coast being a nature reserve that protects a vast lagoon of 60 kilometers. There are many tours offered for this region, the most popular of them being on cruises. If you enjoy the marine life and the ocean breeze, visiting Faro is for you! Most importantly, we hope you love the wildlife since you will be able to see many of the water animals while cruising.

You can reach Faro by the Lisbon to Faro train!

Purchase Books at Livraria Bertrand

A wonderland for a true bibliophile, Livraria Bertrand in Lisbon is the world’s oldest active bookshop! For 285 years, Livraria Bertrand has served every literary fanatic and is still going strong. You can find all kinds of literature here, from ancient stories to contemporary novels, so make sure to set some time aside just for this store, since we guarantee - once you start wandering through the shelves, it will take you a while to step out. So, after doing some touring, spend the afternoon surrounded by the heady smell of books and intellectual conversations.

Skydive in The Alentejo

The region in northern Portugal, Alentejo, is a place of vast fields and wild, natural beaches. Indeed, you can spend your touring by simply walking around, but how about spicing things up a bit? Be active and adventurous by skydiving from 4.155 meters, a minute of free-falling, and seeing the city in the most unique way. Nothing compares to the sights from above and the adrenaline you will get floating in the air. Funnily enough, Alentejo is one of the most peaceful retreats in Portugal, but the skydive will be anything but! Afterward, calm down with a glass of Portuguese wine in one of the local restaurants.

As you see, Portugal is the place for both travelers who are looking for a quiet time and true adventure lovers. So fill up your itinerary with all kinds of activities to get the full experience of an unforgettable holiday!