Top Tips to Visit Mexico in 2021

Top Tips to Visit Mexico in 2021

Mexico has remained the most accessible country you can visit despite the few caveats that still hold. Now, you can visit Mexico without undergoing mandatory Covid-19 tests or quarantine. However, the country's restrictions are rapidly changing, and the federal policies vary between states. While this has slightly changed the vacation experience, it shouldn't stop you from that trip at all.

Here are the best tips for you as you plan your 2021 Mexico Visit.

Are There Travel Restrictions to Mexico?

Yes, but Minor. The U.S Mexico land border remains shut until November, meaning that you can only access the serene destination through the waters or by air. You don't need to show a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination but be cautious since Mexico is considered a "high" risk area by the CDC.

Planning The Trip to Mexico

Now that you'll probably visit Mexico by air, don't forget to book your flight early. Find the best flight booking service provider to quicken the process, especially during the high seasons such as Spring Break and New Year.

Keep Your Tourist Card Safe.

When you apply for a tourist card at, you will need to print the card as you will need to present it upon arrival in Mexico. When you get to Mexico you will show the card to Immigration and you remain with a breakaway of the application form. Keep the part safe for presentation when you depart from Mexico. Many have missed their flights going through the replacement process at the last minute.

Learn Some Spanish

Spanish is the official Mexican language used by more than 90% of the population. Therefore, understanding the basic terms will help you converse with locals and understand policies. Below are some useful expressions and phrases that you must internalize.

  1. Excuse me- Disculpe
  2. Where is ..?- Donde es?
  3. Goodbye- Adios
  4. Please- Por Favor
  5. Sorry- Lo Siento
  6. Left- Izquierdo
  7. Right- Derecho
  8. Thank you- Gracias

The Mexican Visit

Taking a group tour is one of the best ways to learn about the county's history and culture. Otherwise, you will have to be alone most of the time and make visit decisions independently. Note that the tour guide option is more expensive, although the Mexico travel guide will handle all the logistics.

Convert Your Dollars into Pesos

While most businesses and restaurants will accept credit cards, Mexican pesos always come in handy. The currency will save you if you stop by the small towns to buy from local artisans and souvenir vendors.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Mexican taps are a no-go zone for drinking water, even for locals. Therefore, you should use the tap water for cleaning purposes only and ask for bottled water to drink. Check whether your preferred hotel offers free water in their lobbies so you can bring a water bottle.

Insert the Telcel Card

You'll probably want to surf the net while in Mexico, and the hotel wi-fi may be too risky. Besides, the hotel internet connection won't help when you are out on a trip. Telcel is the largest and most reliable service provider, and you can buy the card from the ubiquitous Telcel stores in Mexico.

What Tourist Destination and Activities Are Open in Mexico?

The Mexican federal government has left most Covid-19 management to individual states. Therefore, you'll find varying regulations and capacity restrictions between states. Nevertheless, most of the popular destinations and activities operating normally.

The following is a breakdown of the situation on the ground in Mexico's popular destinations.

Mexico City

It's Mexico's capital and the largest city in the country. Mexico City is rich in spicy cuisines, iconic artwork, and colonial architecture, offering visitors various activities. Notably, one of the iconic parks in this city, Chapultepec Park, covers an area of about 700 hectares.

Further, Mexico City is home to Mercado Ciudadela, a famous market for handmade artwork and textiles. There is also the Explore Zócalo at the heart of the town, a colonial architecture encompassing an ancient Aztec temple and the colonial palace. Notably, the favorite hostels accommodating tourists in Mexico City include the Mexico City Hostel and Suites DF Hostel.

Explore Guadalajara

Guadalajara is Jalisco state's capital and the second-largest city in Mexico. The city is known for its mariachi and tequila and is chock full of museums, including the UNESCO's mural building known as Cabanas and the contemporary art's Paramo Galeria. Guadalajara's other famous features include a labyrinth of colonial streets, an ancient hospital, and an artistic cathedral.

The Coast of Oaxaca

The state has nine municipalities with hotels and restaurants operating normally. Notably, beaches in cities like Puerto Angel and Zipolite rarely enforce the restrictions but are limited to 50% capacity. Besides the bars, you can visit the Mercado Benito Juárez market, famous for its local foods such as grasshopper tacos and fresh ground coffee beans.

Caribbean Beaches on the Riviera Maya in the Yucatan

The Yucatan state is famous for the Mayan ruins symbolizing the indigenous Mayan groups that populated Mexico in the 16th century. Other tourist attractions in this state are the natural sinkholes referred to as cenotes. The cenotes are full of groundwater used by the ancient Mayans as water sources but have become sensational swimming holes for tourists and locals. In addition, you'll find Campeche, home to UNESCO architecture, in Yucatan. Nizuc Resort & Spa located on the Riviera Maya, has been awarded one of the best resorts in the world for years.

Nightlife Scenes in Puerto Vallarta

The Mexican city located in Jalisco state is famous for water sports, nightlife scenes, and beaches. Currently, Puerto Vallarta hotels and restaurants are operating at 80% capacity until around 3 a.m. Recently, the local government lifted club and bars shutdowns allowing even casinos to open at the same capacity. Be sure to observe Covid-19 protocols in the state.

Los Cabos

Baja California's authorities moved Los Cabos city to stage 3, meaning that recreational activities, businesses, and hotels are open. The resort city is popular for its water sports and beaches hence the numerous outdoor bars and restaurants. Notably, the stunning El Arco is the region's most iconic landmark and a center of whale watching and snorkeling.

Despite the rapidly changing Covid-19 restrictions, it's apparent that Mexico will be open for tourists throughout 2021. Therefore, it's upon you to take preventive measures to stay safe and prevent the spread. Above all, you should regularly review local policies to enjoy your trip without hitches or incidents.