Traditional Fijian Medicine Walk at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji

Traditional Fijian Medicine Walk at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji
One of the most renowned vacation destinations in the South Pacific, The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers understated natural luxury and warm hospitality in the traditional Fijian style.

The resort offers an exclusive escape for those looking to experience magical natural surroundings and authentic Fijian traditions, including a Fijian Medicine Walk where guests can learn about Fiji's traditional healing touch. Led by Johnny Singh, the resort's knowledgeable and charming marine biologist on staff, the guided tour is one of many exceptional activities the resort offers, empowering guests with the knowledge of plants and their positive effects on the body. This unique tour of the lush vegetation at the resort is complementary and introduces 24 specimens of flora that unearth a natural cure for a multitude of ailments.

A sampling of some of the featured herbs and plants and the medicinal qualities of each:

• Totodro (Pennywort) - Leaves are pounded and made into tea to treat coughs.
• Moli (Lemon) - Chew on tender leaves for throat ache, scrape bark for asthma or use leaves to make lemon tea. The root is an effective treatment for asthma.
• Qiqilawa (Olive family) - Leaves are crushed and mixed with water, then ingested to treat exhaustion in young mothers.
• Layalaya (Wild ginger) - Cut into pieces and pour in hot water to make tea or chew the ginger to cure sore throat.
• Batimadramadra (Cobbler's peg) - Leaves are pounded and mixed with water, then ingested to treat stomach aches, bee stings, burns, and sea lice.
• Voivoi (Pandanus) - Aerial roots that have not touched the ground are crushed to create a juice, then ingested to treat fish poisoning.

The resort's other wellness amenities include spectacular spa treatments leveraging local ingredients. A range of spa treatments is available in-room or in the resort's beachside spa bures. Located on the sand at the water's edge, spa bures afford guests complete privacy and unparalleled views of the tranquil sea and rolling hills providing the ultimate in Fijian-style relaxation. Guests who enjoy an active lifestyle can partake in an outstanding line-up of recreational activities, including scuba diving, paddleboarding, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and excursions to a tropical rain forest. The resort also offers complimentary morning yoga daily in its yoga pavilion, in the gardens or on the beach.

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