Travel and Learn: 7 Tourist Spots in Tennessee with a Great History

Travel and Learn: 7 Tourist Spots in Tennessee with a Great History

Tennessee is widely known for its countryside music. Yet, it is also a wonderland for lovers of history and heritage. With the region's deep-rooted culture, carefully preserved historical attractions, pure nature, and the hospitable nature of the people, Tennessee truly has it all. It offers must-visit attractions to every traveler.

Nicknamed as The Volunteer State, Tennessee offers beautiful natural sights, museums, Civil War sites, and several activities that will make your trip memorable. You can choose your adventure guide by piecing together some stops to enjoy the free time you have been looking forward to. What an exciting way for travelers and a huge help for those who are looking forward to vacations made easy.

The place has a rich history too. Tennessee was the starting place for some of the great artists and musical genres, from the rock 'n' roll of Elvis to Johnny cash.

Discover and enjoy some of the best tourist attractions Tennessee offers from our list of 7 Tourist Spots to visit that are worthy of a place in your itinerary.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The National Park is known for its incredible plant and animal life biodiversity. The beauty of ancient mountains and remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture makes it the most visited national park of America. Tourists can enjoy wildlife viewing, beautiful mountain scenery, and camping trips by visiting the Cades Cove valley, a popular destination in the Great Smokies.

Wears Valley outside the Tennessee side of the park is a lesser-known park entrance that offers pastoral views. The entrance connects to little River Gorge Road, giving you access to some of the park’s most popular areas. These include Cades Cove, Tremont, home to excellent hiking trails, and Townsend Wye swimming hole, which is free and the perfect place to enjoy a hot day.

Visitors can book wears valley cabins that offer them a luxurious experience with fantastic mountain views. Spacious bedrooms, High-end amenities, and great features will make your trip to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park a memorable one.

  1. Fort Pillow State Historic Park

Explore the Civil War Era preserved fort at Fort Pillow State Historic Park in Henning. It tells the stories of soldiers wounded in battle and the War that tore the country apart. Equipped with historical and archeological significance, the park’s museum has Civil War artifacts from cannon to interpretive displays that will transport you into the history of Fort Pillow.

Steep bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River made this park a strategic location during the Civil War. You can also take part in several activities. For an interactive educational experience, Fort pillow offers programs that explore National History, Tree Ecology, etc. Sullivan’s Lake and pond are ideal for boating and fishing.

  1. Museum of East Tennessee History

It is located in the East Tennessee History Center at the corner of Clinch Avenue. The East Tennessee museum has stellar artifacts that shed light on the East Tennessee History

A cannon from the French and Indian War at the site of Fort Loudoun, a hand-stitched War of 1812 flag, and interactive displays found in an exhibition (‘Voices of the Land: The People of East Tennessee’) allow visitors to be in the presence of original artifacts. These artifacts stood witness to the region’s past. Amidst a backdrop of compelling, historical imagery, tourists also get to hear what life was like in that era.

  1. Wynnewood State Historic Site

Located at Salt Lake and mineral springs, The National Historic Landmark is the largest log structure in Tennessee. Seated on the hill which overlooks the spring, the Wynnewood State Historic Site is a rare example of early tourism.

Also known as Castalian Springs, the owners hoped to entice travelers and capitalize the proximity of the historic Landmark to the main road. They did so by advertising the healing reputation of its natural mineral spring.  Guests in early times were attracted by the reputed medicinal powers of the mineral waters and the scenic beauty of the area.

You can visit the place to view several specific outbuildings on the property, including a small 19th-century house, a former mineral springs resort cabin, and a barn.

  1. Tuckaleechee Caverns

The Tuckaleechee Caverns are located in Townsend, just 18 miles from Pigeon Forge. It offers visitors a breathtaking glimpse of nature and the geological forces below the surface in action. With a mile-long passageway, you can explore a series of caves along the guided tour that will take you past the giant stalactite, underground rivers, and the eye-catching 200-foot Silver Falls.

A true wonder of nature, the caves are believed to be 20 to 30 million years old. The guided tour leads to the impressive Big Room, more than 400 feet long and 300 feet across.

  1. Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Big South Fork NRRA has 125,000 acres of Cumberland Plateau. It is a lifetime experience for adventurous visitors who are on the lookout for a wild adventure. Visitors can experience a guided white-water rafting expedition or choose to hike one of the 14 scenic trails according to their fitness level.

Horseback riding and equestrian camping are popular in the area. You can indulge in several activities, from exploring the backcountry on a mountain bike to joining hundreds of eager rock climbers. Blue Hero Mining community or the Big South Fork Scenic Railways are the main tourist spots to explore the area's rich history.

  1. Gatlinburg Scenic Overlook

If you find yourself in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, you indeed owe yourself a visit to the Gatlinburg Scenic Overlook, located outside the Gatlinburg Bypass. The overlook offers its visitors a breathtaking view over downtown Gatlinburg against the backdrop of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

The overlook is an excellent place to enjoy the changing light patterns or take some memorable family photos. It offers incredible scenery all year round, especially during the fall when the surrounding forest lights up with colors.

Tennessee is the ideal tourist spot to escape your everyday hassles, filled with history from all periods and mother nature's beauty. While you’re staying in Tennessee for a day or a week, you will always find a popular attraction or a place to hang out, no matter which part of the state you spend time in.