Travel Destinations Charleston, Myrtle Beach & Cuba Receive the Most Negative Reviews

Travel Destinations Charleston, Myrtle Beach & Cuba Receive the Most Negative Reviews
The report uses custom topics to uncover the top ten destinations by percentage of positive and negative references. Charleston, Myrtle Beach and Cuba received the highest percentage of negative references.

The report, which analyzes 57 destinations between January 1 and May 31, 2012, also reveals the top fifteen destinations based on total volume, including some top associations that provide insight into why so many are interested in these locales.

"With summer now here, vacation destinations are top of mind. While spots like the Napa Valley region and Maui are enjoying a great deal of positive attention, locations like Myrtle Beach and Cuba are not faring so well,” said Ari Kahn, CEO of General Sentiment. “London is trending with very high volume given the upcoming Olympics, and Las Vegas, a perennial travel favorite, continues to experience high volume given its association with the gambling industry."

The top ten travel destinations based on positive references are:

1. Acapulco (97 percent)
2. Cabo San Lucas (95 percent)
3. Napa Valley, CA (90 percent)
4. Monterrey, Mexico (88 percent)
5. Waikiki (87 percent)
6. Maui (86 percent)
7. Cancun (86 percent)
8. Edinburgh, Scotland (85 percent)
9. Honolulu (82 percent)
10.Oahu (80 percent)

The top ten travel destinations based on negative references are:

1. Charleston, SC (58 percent)
2. Myrtle Beach (56 percent)
3. Cuba (46 percent)
4. Antigua (44 percent)
5. New Orleans (39 percent)
6. Los Angeles (36 percent)
7. Las Vegas (36 percent)
8. Miami (35 percent)
9. Puerto Rico (35 percent)
10.Liverpool (33 percent)

The report also ranks the top 15 travel destinations based on volume. London, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles round out the top five. The Olympics drove a significant amount of volume for London. Gambling was a leading association for Las Vegas, while discussion about beaches led volume for Miami. Disney was largely associated with Orlando, and the film industry was the dominant association for Los Angeles.

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