Travel Discoveries: The Perks of Using Travel Credit Cards

Travel Discoveries: The Perks of Using Travel Credit Cards

Being able to travel around the world is one of the greatest rewards you could give yourself! The chance to try different cuisines, meet new people, discover a place’s culture, and participate in various activities with people of different races will be a great memorable experience and a self-investment.

Although traveling is fun to do, it also would cost a lot to reach different destinations. So, if you consider yourself a hodophile or a person who loves to travel, you should be aware of travel credit cards. Travel credit cards are rewards that help people earn free travel. These rewards can also be perks from exclusive membership benefits from hotels, airlines, or any other service or organization.

A travel reward credit card is highly beneficial if you are a person who’s deeply interested in earning points toward purchases. But, the question is, is it good to have one? Listed below are the perks of having travel credit cards to help you decide if you’d want to apply for one.

Insurance for Lost Baggage

Experiencing a lost suitcase or even receiving damaged baggage when traveling could be a pain in the head. Receiving luggage that looks like it faces many battle scars, or worse, it does not appear when you look for it is a major inconvenience. As a traveler, you may think that safety is the top priority of airlines when they have flights, but the same can’t be said when the luggage is traveled, usually receiving harsher treatments during flight.

This is why having a credit card is a good idea because it comes with a lost luggage reimbursement that can help you get out of a difficult situation when you have already arrived at your destination. However, your luggage is still nowhere to be found. Cardholders are included to those people who are covered with a luggage reimbursement. Acquire good knowledge on your credit card benefits as they could save you during tough times when your travel does not go as you planned it.

Also, if you are afraid that you might not get your luggage back if the bag does not arrive in 48 hours, most of it will fall into the delayed baggage category, which could take at least three to seven days to be returned to the passenger. So, be insured with a credit card to avoid experiencing this kind of challenge, and visit  to learn more about the various kinds of credit cards available.

Get a Hotel Room Upgrade

When you are looking for a hotel to stay in, remember to book using your credit card. Your travel credit card could create wonders for you. Besides registering for hotel loyalty programs, you can get free of charge access to hotel programs when you use your credit card or travel rewards. It’s a great chance to enjoy a more exciting travel experience when you can also have a good place to stay in, so always know how to maximize your resources!

Travel for Free

There are tons of travel credit cards that offer their clients a lot of signup bonuses. Instances exist like where they offer such big bonuses that you could be liable to have a free flight right away. But earning a signup bonus could also be a bit challenging. What you can do to earn a signup bonus is to spend a certain amount on your card after opening your account within the first three months.

Also, a good trick here is to choose a credit card with a signup bonus that is not hard to earn. Preferably those having a minimum threshold that is low enough that you can afford to pay off your balance in full monthly. Always find a travel credit card with a lower spending bonus.

Canceled Flight Reimbursements

Did your flight just get canceled?  Your credit card may reimburse you for your prepaid expenses. Various reasons could disrupt your travel plans, like an incoming hurricane or health issues, or even the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but you do not have to worry when you have a travel credit card that provides travel protection.

If you doubt if your travel credit card can help you get a refund on your canceled flight,  there are credit cards that give travelers the protection they need to be covered in the credit card, there are also those that do not. So, to make sure you have the right travel credit card, check the travel protection, so you feel assured that even if you have unexpected happenings in the future, you will not feel too disappointed.

Additionally, be a well-educated traveler and know what your rights are with flights. There could be times when a refund for a canceled flight is hard to get, and the airline insists on offering a voucher instead. If you face this problem in the future, luckily, your credit card company can step up and help you get your refund. So, do not settle for having a voucher if you think that does not make sense for your purchase.

Enjoy Points and Discounts

Who does not want to receive discounts, right? The advantage of having a credit card is that they also offer points or even discounts if you buy from retail stores. Although this does not apply to those card users that carry a balance at the end of the month, it is still a good option to enjoy your benefits. So, check and see if the card you have considered getting has a minimum limit on the monetary value they will offer rewards to customers.


If you are an avid traveler, having a travel rewards credit may surely be worth it to you, especially if you frequently travel. If you are still wondering whether to get a travel credit card, you may find the information stated above beneficial in helping you decide. Traveling could be made extra fun when you are not missing out on rewards that make travel more affordable.