Travel in Gucci: The Brand at the Forefront of Luxury Fashion

Travel in Gucci: The Brand at the Forefront of Luxury Fashion

Gucci has been striving for greatness in the fashion industry since its creation by Italian Guccio Gucci in 1921. This makes Gucci one of the oldest fashion brands still operating today. In their 2021 collection, they have come out with various staples for the avid traveler. Thanks to Gucci you can feel as if you are enjoying a Cappuccino in front of the Fontana Di Trevi no matter where you are.

When browsing Gucci's 2021 collection, you'll find it is decorated with an abundance of new sunglasses, shoes, and even phone cases. All of the staples needed when heading off on a new adventure, but with the Gucci signature logo and colors incorporated into the design, to ensure you strike the luxury mark you seek.

One of the items in the 2021 collection is a pair of sneakers that were designed for everyday wear. The white sneakers are made of 100% leather thus making them a very durable shoe. As for the design of the shoes, Gucci have added in pops of their classic color scheme of green, red, and gold to help elevate this everyday sneaker and set it apart from the rest.

Gucci have also designed a version of the shoe in black. You will not be sacrificing any of the quality as the black version of this sneaker is also made with 100% leather. The black shoe does also have pops of red, green, and gold but the detailing is unique to this shoe. On this shoe the leather detail on the heel is green whilst on the white shoe the same heel detail is red.

This slight difference between the sneakers is a great example of the care taken when new pieces are being designed. It is clear that Gucci did not want to simply change the main color of the shoe, but they took into consideration which design is the most cohesive. That means that no matter if you prefer the beach or the bar, this shoe is perfect for you!

Gucci shoe

"Gucci shoe" (CC BY 2.0) by Menswear Market

Gucci have also designed a 100% leather brown loafer with a 10mm heel height. The signature red, green, and gold colors also feature in this loafer, but they have been added as subtle design elements rather than as key features of the design. The front of the loafer very elegantly incorporates green as its base color, a pop of red is laid over the green, creating some stunning contrast. The look is finished off with the timeless golden Gucci logo which helps tie the design elements together.

If you are looking for something a bit more out there, Gucci have teamed up with Disney to design and create an iPhone case for their 2021 collection. This is where the more creative side of Gucci has its time to shine as the lovable Disney characters, Donald Duck, and his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie all feature in the design of this iPhone case. The case itself has a flap closure, leather profiles, and a convenient adjustable shoulder strap. This iPhone case's design may not suit everyone's lifestyle, but the craftsmanship makes it perfect for any traveler.

So as you dream of far-flung places or stylish staycations in 2021, the latest items from Gucci could set your travels on a luxurious course.