Travel Inspired Interior Design

Travel Inspired Interior Design

Traveling inspires us to embark on new adventures, embrace other cultures and explore different interior designs. Each country has a distinctive interior style that often reflects its heritage and lifestyle. Scandinavian interiors have taken the world by storm in the last few years. It was all about homes with a neutral color palette and natural furnishings. Exposed wood, faux fur and rattan furniture became the must-have interior style.

However, the Scandi style isn’t for everyone, and some may prefer a different take on interior design. Your travel experiences should inspire your home and turn it into your little slice of heaven.

Hammonds, the fitted furniture specialists, created visual living room designs, inspired from popular tourist destinations around the world. Let’s take a closer look at how different countries approach home interiors.


The Bahamas is the perfect place to kick back and relax on the beach. It’s no surprise that their homes emulate this laid back approach. Think linens and neutral textiles, paired with blue accents like the ocean. They like rattan furniture and blinds over the windows to keep the sunlight out. Finish the room with a large house plant, like a peace lily, and plenty of natural textures. A coffee table made from reclaimed wood would look fabulous in your Bahamian living room.

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The French are known for their elegance, and their interiors are no different. They like extravagant lighting with statement gold fittings and intricate detailing. Compliment the bold lighting with a neutral base and a mix of wooden furnishings. You could have a cherry wood coffee table with an oak floor. Mix it up, and experiment with different shades. Polish the space with a few silk or velvet accessories and shutters on the windows. After all, you need to recreate the chateau atmosphere.

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Color is key for an Indian-inspired space. You need just the right amount of color. Like yellow and pink, go for warm colors with bold patterns and clashing accessories. Pay attention to detail and make sure all the decorations work together in the space. You could switch out the sofa for floor cushions and lanterns around the room.

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Japanese-inspired interiors feature neutral colors, dark woods and black metal accents. Install fitted wardrobes to store your belongings while keeping the space minimal. You can make the room feel cozy with soft lighting instead of unnecessary clutter. Add a few Japanese prints to the walls and some leafy plants. Keep it simple, and make sure each piece adds something special to the room.

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Create a rustic American style living room with hand made Amish furniture. intended to stand the test of time. Style the space with a few printed cushions in reds, oranges and brown hues and your home will feel like a cabin in the mountains in no time at all.

Mix up your home and try out a different interior style this year.