Travel Like a Million Bucks, Without Spending a Million Bucks

Travel Like a Million Bucks, Without Spending a Million Bucks
"With prices like these you don't have to feel guilty for chartering a private jet - go ahead, indulge," says Elliott Schwartz, the Director of Operations for EmptyLegMarket. "This summer everyone wants to find a deal on a private jet to Florida."

EmptyLegMarket is an online database used to find the unsold segment of a jet's route that operators are looking to fill, which is known as the "empty leg."

For example, if a jet is chartered one-way from Los Angeles to Chicago, when it returns to its home base in Los Angeles it is not carrying customers. Jet operators are willing to fill these flights for negotiable prices, usually offering discounts up to half off regular fares. EmptyLegMarket has teamed up with nearly 200 jet operators to create an easily accessible tool to search and find these deals on a private jet. After serving the business market for three years, EmptyLegMarket is looking to branch out to attract all luxury travelers.

"Chartering an empty leg flight will save you the hassle of airport delays, security lines, and connections," he said. Through this service you have total freedom to directly contact a specific jet operator and discuss prices and departure times that are most convenient for you.

Last minute decision to escape this summer? Find a flight easily and at a price that won't make you cringe through EmptyLegMarket. EmptyLegMarket consolidates on-demand empty leg flights onto one site, making available an easy-to-use tool that allows customers to identify their best options and values for private jet charter. For more information, visit