Travel Like A Rock Star with Roadies

Travel Like A Rock Star with Roadies

Roadies is a new experiential travel company set to transform the road trip concept and inspire travelers to rediscover the true meaning of exploration. A Roadies journey is complete with authentic experiences curated by the friendliest of Tour Managers on a luxury motor coach that is built for rock stars but designed for travel with friends or people from all around the world. Roadies takes the planning and driving out of the road trip and reimagines it with luxury and experiences that provide legendary stories.

Two inaugural routes are bookable starting today, for travel beginning on June 3. The seven-day West-coast Sunshine & Lights Tour is packed with unique experiences, add-on excursions and hotel partners (i.e. Roadies designated Base Camp) at each iconic stop. The inaugural tour kicks-off in San Diego and takes travelers north to Los Angeles, then heads east to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. The route goes on to the Grand Canyon and ends in Las Vegas. The seven-day Hot N’ Spicy Tour visits the same locations in reverse order.

Roadies believes that life is better when you’re not standing still. Each day, the Tour Manager will offer curated experiences for travelers to live like a local, whether it’s a hike at the Grand Canyon, finding a secluded beach in San Diego or hitting a great bar in Los Angeles. Guests can also up their adventures by booking personalized excursions like a hot air balloon ride in San Diego, climbing and caving in Joshua Tree, or recording a song at the legendary Nightbird Recording Studio at Sunset Marquis, the L.A. Base Camp.

Whether it’s living like a rock star at Hollywood’s Sunset Marquis, hanging on the beach near Catamaran Resort in San Diego, lounging by the pool at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs or partying downtown at Oasis at Gold Spike, part of the new Downtown Project in Las Vegas, each Base Camp serves as a convenient jumping off point to the most authentic experiences in each destination while providing insider access to hotel amenities and perks along with a reserved parking spot for the coach.

The luxury coaches have been modeled off how the biggest stars travel. Each coach boasts 11 sleep pods with the smoothest of linens and comfiest of blankets, flat screens, wi-fi, books and games, and a mix of junk food and healthy food. Travelers will have everything they need for the perfect road trip (the coach is even equipped with its own bathroom and shower).

“I've always had an incredible passion for a great road trip.  The people you meet and the experiences you have are unforgettable.  These memories were the sparks behind Roadies,” said Lee Roth, Co-Founder and Chief Explorer.

“Our goal from day one has been to create an unrivaled product that allows travelers to wake up every morning in a new location, gain a local perspective and enjoy curated insider experiences. To us, it’s all about giving people a unique take on iconic city locations and the best Mother Nature can offer, all creating a lifetime of memories and legendary stories to tell,” Mark Wills, Co-Founder and Chief Adventurer.

For more information and to book a Roadies trip, visit Rates start at $1,299 per person and each tour sleeps up to 11 travelers.