Travel Suits: What To Pack To Look Like A Luxury Traveler For A Business Trip

Travel Suits: What To Pack To Look Like A Luxury Traveler For A Business Trip

One of the best practices when packing for a business trip is called “one-bag travel” because, to look chic, neat, and prepared, you don’t want to drag many bags through a five-star hotel lobby even with bellboys and butlers doing that for you. When you travel on business, you want to look the part, and this begins with looking great and stress-free from head to toe.

Looking good, polished, neat, and classy for a business trip means that you pack light. With the barest essentials, you’re good to go. If you tend to overpack, no worries. Here are five key pointers for you.

Create A Capsule Packing List

Capsule packing is the root of every successful one-bag packing for luxury business travelers. It is the key element in light travel. Capsule wardrobe packing means bringing with you versatile clothing instead of one for each purpose, meeting, conference, and day. You bring clothes that you can easily mix and match so that nobody will notice that you’re wearing the same clothes.

Here are some principles of successful capsule packing:

Take away the “what if” mindset, or else you’ll end up bringing your entire home. Pack only for the days of the trip and the occasions you’re attending. At the same time, you should also be ready to buy a new outfit instead in case you’d need one at the last minute. Bring wardrobe chameleons. These are key pieces that can take you from day to night and through the next days. For instance, women can do no wrong with black leather flats and heels, a neutral-colored business bag, a little black dress that you can dress up with a blazer, and button-down shirts. For men, a versatile blazer can work wonders along with black or brown leather shoes, a classic white shirt, and dark jeans. Avoid bringing heavy clothing pieces. My father swears by his Brook Taverner travel suit because it’s versatile and also doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Pack Skincare And Toiletries

If you’re bringing one big suitcase, you may have to check that in but remember that you want your toiletries with you all the time. If you only bring a hand-carried bag, this can go with you in the cabin. If your bag must be checked in, be sure that you’ve got miniature or travel-size bottles of your essential skincare, makeup and toiletry items. Don’t forget a very light perfume or cologne, mouthwash, and deodorant.

A few minutes before the plane lands, freshen up. As a business person, looking like a luxury traveler means that you also look polished, neat, and clean. At the very least, moisturize, brush your teeth, and apply a bit of makeup if necessary. Fix your hair, brush your clothes, particularly the shoulders and the backs of your torso, legs, and arms.

Take a tip from first-class flight attendants. Even after some time on a flight, they step off the plane looking every bit elegant. This is important as they’re representing the airline. The same applies to you as you represent your company or product. You’ll want to look professional all the time, more so if a long day is ahead of you. Sometimes, a chauffeur will whisk you from the airport to a tight schedule of business meetings and conferences.

Bring Wrinkle-Free Clothing

Another essential tip is to bring clothing made with wrinkle-free fabric. Generally, you’ll want to roll your clothes rather than fold them. However, if you’re staying in a luxury, five-star hotel, then surely, there’s going to be a steamer in your room. However, to play it safe in case your schedule gets too tight, bring clothing that does not wrinkle.

Don’t forget to wear wrinkle-free fabric when you’re on the plane so that the moment you disembark, you look all neat and professional. No businessman or woman ever wants to look like a mess.


Imagine a key executive leaving the airport halls, waiting to be chauffeured by their private car or limousine driver. Do they carry many bags? No. In most cases, they’ll only have one suitcase, and that’s it.

When you travel in style, using only wrinkle-free clothes and just one bag in hand, you can look like every bit the business class passenger that you are. At all times, you never look frumpy, messy, or as if you are on your first-ever holiday trip. With the key tips used by savvy luxury travelers summarized in this article, you can look like every inch the luxury traveler that you can be on every business trip. Remember, first impressions do last.