Travel Tips From OutKick Host Tomi Lahren

Travel Tips From OutKick Host Tomi Lahren

Although Tomi Lahren is constantly working, hosting her podcast Tomi Lahren is Fearless on OutKick, and contributing on Fox News, the rising star still takes time to plan and enjoy vacations. Recently, Tomi and her husband, former MLB player J.P. Arencibia took a mini honeymoon to the Florida Keys and stayed in Marathon, FL at the Isla Bella Resort. Tomi is a big Bravo housewife’s fan and got the idea to visit this destination after seeing it featured on the Real Housewives of Miami.

Tomi revealed her travel tips before going on her mini honeymoon!

Tomi’s Travel Tips:

1) Stay somewhere you’ve seen on camera before OR that you’ve had a trusted recommendation for. It’s often hard to know what you’re going to get by just looking at website photos. It is incredibly valuable to have either a recommendation or a visual reference! The Keys are not cheap, we paid about $1000 a night for our room at Isla Bella and had it not lived up to our expectations, that would be a major waste. Luckily, since we had a frame of reference from the Housewives show, we got exactly what we expected!

2) This may seem obvious but my tip 2 is to ASK the LOCALS! I have a general aversion to tourist traps and most popular destinations have a very distinctive tourist area that I’d usually like to avoid. I tend to ask my Uber drivers for their recommendations- especially when it comes to dining. Drivers and other similar workers have no agenda or vested interest in promoting like hotel workers or concierge might.

3) This one is for the ladies, make sure you know what the bathroom situation looks like! I judge most rooms by their bathroom offerings. There’s nothing worse than paying for an expensive room only to find fluorescent or dim lighting that will make even the best looking hair and makeup look like crap! I look at the “customer” taken photos to get the real scoop.

4) This one is also for the ladies, get yourself a silk pillowcase and never travel without it. Hotel bedding can dry out your hair and skin, the silk pillowcase fixes this problem! I never travel for work or fun without mine!

5) Be sure to check if your destination has Uber/lyft or food delivery services! If you’re traveling for fun there’s a good chance you’re going to partake in alcoholic beverages and it’s a real killjoy to discover no ride share services are available in the area. Those who follow me on social media witnessed me having this issue in Marathon. The town barely had any Ubers and door dash was nonexistent! Know before you go so you can plan for these things!

6) Money saving tip, for our mini honeymoon to the Keys we knew wanted to see Key West but not stay there. This was a great choice! We stayed in Marathon ( a two hour drive from Miami) and then took our rental car to Key West for a day trip. Key West is far more touristy, loud and expensive! It was fun to see but my husband and I were much happier at our resort off the beaten path!