Travel to Europe with a Magellan Jet Card at Fixed Rates this Summer

Travel to Europe with a Magellan Jet Card at Fixed Rates this Summer

As the heat of summer rises, Magellan Jets has the perfect jet cards for clients looking to enjoy Europe in style this season. With their enhanced program, lower jet fuel costs, and the industry-leading Jet Card benefits, now is the ideal time to fly private within Europe with Magellan Jets. Clients can enjoy unparalleled access and flexibility as a Jet Card Owner, with a seamless experience from start to finish.

Flying to and within Europe with a Magellan Jet Card is effortless. Clients simply use their account funds for dynamic pricing on their cross-Atlantic flight, and benefit from Magellan’s extensive network for guaranteed access to aircraft at fixed rates. Combined with Magellan’s lower hourly pricing and decreased jet fuel costs, guests can enjoy every part of their European experience.

While industry providers raise prices, restrict customers, and shrink service areas, Magellan Jets is leveraging its strong and stable business model to introduce a series of program enhancements, positioning their customer-focused private aviation solutions for the most client value in 2023 and beyond. Magellan’s asset-light business model, consistent profitability, and continuous 35% year-over-year revenue growth uniquely position it to make these client-focused changes while offering aggressive rates 20-40 percent below its leading competitors

Magellan also is there to help clients after they land with tips on how to get the most from your trip like:

  • Avoiding peak times, especially with busy destinations to help your planning go smoothly
  • Book ahead since Europe has fewer business jets to avoid missing out on travel dates
  • Be aware of traffic control strikes! the EU’s FAA/Air Traffic Control equivalent, goes on strike often. When this happens, it often results in delays and cancellations as surrounding countries’ Air Traffic Controllers must pick up the striking country’s flight volume.
  • Know where to get your receipts stamped for a tax refund on purchases. Travelers from outside the European Union can claim a tax refund on purchases they made on their trip.
  • Get familiar with slot scheduling. Most European airports require the scheduling of takeoff and arrival slots. Your provider will arrange these slots for you—make sure you work with a private jet company like Magellan that is well-versed in dealing with slot scheduling on behalf of clients

These are just a few tips Magellan has to help clients discover the luxury and convenience of flying private with Magellan Jets.