Traveling with E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know

Traveling with E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know

As an industry that is relatively new but one which is constantly growing, many people are unfamiliar with the rules, regulation and laws surrounding e-cigarettes. This is particularly true when it comes to traveling as all countries have different regulations in place which can make it confusing. With this in mind, here is all that you need to know about traveling with e-cigarettes.


Many airports have designated areas where you are allowed to vape, such as the vaping lounge at Heathrow, but there are also a few airports where vaping is not permitted in the terminal. The best thing to do is either to research ahead, to look out for signs at the airport or to ask somebody. It is best to avoid vaping until you are 100% sure.

Traveling with Your Device

The majority of UK airlines will also you to travel with an e-cigarette in your hand luggage and you may be able to take e-liquid with you provided that it is under 100ml, but it will need to be in a clear plastic container. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to vape on the plane and you could find yourself in trouble if you get caught. Additionally, be warned that clearomizers do not react well to the change in pressure so it is a smart move to empty this before flying.

Getting Through Security

Vapes are now very common which means that you should not encounter any difficulties getting through security. In order for the process to be quick and efficient, it is worth disconnecting the atomizer from the cartridge and to put it in the tray and explain that you have an e-cigarette before going through.

Vaping Abroad

In terms of vaping while you are abroad, this will depend entirely on where you are traveling as different countries have different vaping laws in place. It is certainly worthwhile researching this prior to your trip as you can incur hefty fees for vaping in areas where it is not permitted. Europe is pretty lenient throughout but there are a few places where e-cigarettes that contain nicotine are illegal. If traveling outside of Europe then it is even more important that you check as places like Hong Kong have severe punishments in place.

Traveling with an e-cigarette can be stressful because the rules are not entirely clear and differ depending on where you are. While you should be fine to fly with your e-cigarette, you should always research ahead and never vape without being 100% sure that it is okay - this is particularly true when overseas where the laws can be different and there can be severe punishments in place if you are vaping where you are not allowed.