Turning Left Around the World by David C. Moore

Turning Left Around the World by David C. Moore

Some of the world’s best literature exists in the form of travel memoirs. Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, Jamie Zeppa’s Beyond the Sky and the Earth, and John Higham’s 360 Degrees Longitude are all examples of critically acclaimed and universally loved travel memoirs. What makes each of these memoirs so aspirational? Each contains a clever mix of vulnerability, connection, and exoticism.

When David Moore retired in 2017, he was far from ready to limit his wandering to the golf course. Instead, he and his wife Helene hatched a plan to tour the world on a ten-month adventure visiting 15 countries, armed with around the world airline tickets and an intention to discover, learn and, most importantly, try whatever experiences may come their way. In Turning Left Around the World (Mirador Publishing, September 24, 2018) David shares the adventure, the sights, the laughs… and even the tears as he takes you along on 53 flights, 30 trains, 8 boats, 3 cruise ships, 1 light aircraft, 1 hot air balloon, a motorbike and sidecar, countless speedboats, taxis, tuk-tuks, and bicycles. And a disobedient horse.

Written with insight and irresistible British charm and wit, Turning Left Around the World is infused with David’s conversational style of writing and is full of amusing anecdotes and observations from their remarkable experiences and unusual encounters. Join David and Helene as they explore the history, landscape, wildlife, people and food across South America, Australasia, the Polynesian Triangle, Southeast Asia, China and Japan.  With visits to the Galápagos Islands, Machu Picchu, Easter Island and even the Killing Fields of Cambodia, it’s the perfect combination of bucket-list adventures and in-depth, and sometimes heartbreaking, cultural awareness.

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Turning Left Around the World