Legendary Turtle Island in Fiji Rebrands as Transformational Travel Experience

Legendary Turtle Island in Fiji Rebrands as Transformational Travel Experience
Revealing today its new focus, complete with updated branding and guest villas, Turtle Island is answering the call for genuine, life-changing experiences rooted in culture, community, and connection. The destination’s rebrand was kindled by the open-hearted Fijian philosophy of “one people, one mana, one love.” This idea - that we are all one people, on one planet, with love and respect for each other - echoes throughout Turtle Island and is now reflected in promotional materials and on-island offerings, from the revamped, immersive website that transports visitors to the island, filling them with soul-stirring ideas, to the updated solar-powered guest villas that embrace Fijian values and fuse luxury with environmental responsibility. Turtle Island’s expansion too from direct bookings to partnerships with online and offline travel agents means this cultural haven is accessible to more people looking to join this global tribe.

Transformational Travel for Mind, Body and Soul

40 years ago, after running too hard, too long and too fast, American entrepreneur Richard Evanson found an untouched Turtle Island in Fiji. There, he built a new home and, as steward of the island determined to preserve the ecology and culture that defined this wild paradise, Richard experienced the nurturing relationship forged between people and the planet. Over the years, Richard and his family have built a community rooted in values of simplicity, wonder, kindness, beauty and respect. Today, he and his son Richard Evanson, Jr., together carry forth this legacy of honoring nature and traditional Fijian values, combining them with modern luxuries to impart the passionate spirit of Turtle Island with a select few guests each year.

Through Turtle Island, guests are welcomed as family and enfolded into the Fijian way of life. From the moment visitors step onto Turtle Island, and their personal concierge, or ‘Bure Mama,’ greets them with a smile, Turtle Island creates a warm and personal setting for spiritual and cultural awakening the island bestows on all who visit. Guests can relax on private white-sand beaches, rejuvenate with Fijian-inspired spa treatments, connect with fellow travelers and staff over kava ceremonies and nightly dinner parties, or revive with activities, such as watersports, horseback riding, or biking through Turtle Island’s jungles. Hearkening to Richard Sr.’s dedication to bettering people and the planet, the destination continues to support the thriving natural environment with features such as solar-powered energy, locally-grown produce, and a turtle conservation program.

Intention Through Updated Design

As more travelers seek transformative vacations, Turtle Island has rebranded to share the spirit of the island with people across the globe. Mindfulness is key to all aspects of this rebrand, from the photography shot by a Fijian local to illuminate the emotional experience of the island to the patterns featured throughout the website that reflect local values and symbols. Evocative of ancient turtle totem wisdom, Turtle Island’s updated turtle logo reminds those who visit to slow down. Traditional wood carving patterns (called drau drau) accent the logo and welcome visitors “home”, connote the union between heaven and earth, and ensure a safe, fulfilling journey. With the color palettes of deep ocean hues, the scripted fonts resembling handwritten logs of early maritime explorer Captain Cook, and the vibrant photos of Turtle Island’s nature, animals, amenities, and community, the immersive experience Turtle Island offers now starts with www.turtlefiji.com.

Private Villas Reimagined

Designed in harmony with nature, Turtle Island’s renovated ocean-front villas consider past, present, and future. Honoring indigenous Fijian arts while devoting itself to sustainable development, the villas are solar-powered and embody traditional Fijian culture and hospitality through symbolic patterns and prints and the use of upcycled, nature-inspired furnishings. Soaring ceilings are woven from palm and coconut husk, and beds, coffee tables, and nightstands are designed from tree limbs gathered from the 500-acre private island’s forests. Locally-crafted sofas, hand-woven pillows and floor mats, and driftwood lighting recreate the island’s intimate nature and warmth, which is also echoed by the beach just footsteps away.

Eco-Luxury with Fijian Focus

Turtle Island inspires guests to rebalance themselves and positively transform communities. Dedicated to honoring this natural paradise, Turtle Island’s staff tends the land daily, on which acres of gardens have also been planted to feed the community with fresh produce. Turtle Island has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to advance their Turtle Conservation Program and embolden their commitment to the environment. Initiatives to preserve nature and the sourcing of sustainable materials throughout the property support Fiji’s Yasawan villages and education commitment. To extend the educational conversation and share the island’s ethos, Turtle Island launched an online media series, Turtle Talks, which are global conversations to imagine a better world and address issues of community engagement, environmental conservation, and mindfulness. Due to its transformational nature, Turtle Island also boasts a 40 percent return rate, and many guests are still involved in stewardship of the island and its community residents years after they first visited.

“Turtle Island is a cultural haven for the Fijian way of life, rooted in ancient values of respect, community, and joy,” said Richard Evanson, Jr. “We feel this cultural immersion and heart, coupled with the branding redesign and villa upgrades, reflect the desire within the travel industry to be able to go beyond the traditional island getaway and instead, authentically connect with and honor local culture.”

Turtle Island has a rich history in connecting those who seek it with nature, authentic community and themselves, and is poised to define a new category of travel based around a conscious vacation getaway that becomes a second home for guests. Learn more at https://turtlefiji.com.