Unbound Merino, A New Name in Luxury Travel Clothing

Unbound Merino, A New Name in Luxury Travel Clothing

Until now, Merino wool has traditionally been used for active wear, but Unbound Merino has taken all the benefits of the fabric to create chic, stylish, everyday staples that work just as well on a hike as they do out to dinner at a fine restaurant. This exciting new clothing line regulates body temperature, dries fast, and doesn't wrinkle making it the perfect companion for summer travel and is completely reinventing luxury travel gear.

Pack Less. Experience More.

Traveling is supposed to feel like an adventure, but most of the time, your big bags just get in the way. Imagine if your next big trip was luggage free. No check-in, no waiting, and no worries. You’d breeze right past the horde at the carousel. You’d beat the taxi rush. You’d be off and away – free to move whenever inspiration or opportunity struck.

Think about it, baggage is just that. It’s baggage. It weighs you down, slows you down and distracts you from the things that actually matter.

Thousands of people from all over the world have already discovered that Unbound Merino is a game changer for travel. Take one trip without the physical and mental burden of luggage and you will feel the same way. You’ll be more aware and focused, in harmony with the moment, and able to enjoy the culture that surrounds you. One trip and you’ll never travel the same way again. UNBOUND MERINO will bring out your inner minimalist.

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