Unforgettable Hiking Experiences Around the World this Spring

Unforgettable Hiking Experiences Around the World this Spring

As spring arrives, the excitement for hiking trips intensifies, prompting travelers to explore captivating destinations and immerse themselves in the wonders of nature. Hiking offers an opportunity to connect with the environment and enjoy the tranquility of the great outdoors. Whether individuals prefer leisurely walks or challenging treks, springtime hiking provides a rejuvenating experience. It's a chance for everyone to embrace the season and embark on an adventure that fosters a deeper connection with nature. From the rugged coasts of the Azores to the panoramic views from Lion's Head in Cape Town, here are some amazing hotels and resorts around the world that offer the best trails suited for all skill levels.

Mount Batur - Bali, Indonesia: (pictured)

Bali is a volcanic island, with striking peaks coated in centuries-old black lava and dotted with deep calderas formed by plumes of escaping lava. Hiking up one of those volcanoes is something guests of Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve can enjoy on a six hour sunrise trip up Mount Batur. Located at over 5,600 ft above sea level, it takes approximately 2- 3 hours to get to the peak. Once there, guests are greeted by the morning sun and a hearty breakfast cooked by the steam of the active volcano. This moderate-to-strenuous climb is well suited for any trekking enthusiast ready for a challenge far from the crowds.

Mount Yotei - Niseko Village, Japan:

 Niseko Village has become a hot spot for summer travel. From mid-April, the landscape slowly bursts to life - the lowland thaws with flowing rivers, blossoming flower fields and greens - as the golf courses and nature trails open. For the avid hiker, there are miles of trails through the mountains that open for the summer season. One popular yet challenging trail is the six-hour, 10-mile hike to the top of Mount Yotei. A steep walk with plenty of opportunities for bird watching and wildlife viewing, the views at the top are breathtaking. Following the hike, travelers can relax at Higashiyama Niseko Village, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve and unwind at their traditional onsen and spa.

A Walking Safari through Kenya with Stanley Safaris:

Hiking enthusiasts can embark on an adventure with Stanley Safaris, a specialist in bespoke luxury safaris across Africa, as they lead travelers through the heart of Kenya's wilderness on foot. Renowned for their distinctive experiences and commitment to local communities and conservation, one of Stanley Safaris' exceptional offerings is their renowned "Kenya Walking Safari," commencing at Naboisho Camp within the Naboisho Conservancy, nestled in the expansive Masai Mara ecosystem. Over two days, travelers delve into the rich biodiversity of the region, tracking big game and immersing themselves in the stunning landscapes. From elephants and buffaloes to lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, and various plains game, the conservancy promises an exhilarating journey for safari goers and hikers alike.

The Chyulu Hills Sunrise Hike: Finch Hattons 

Located about an hour and a half away by car in Tsavo West National Park, Finch Hattons embraces an immersive safari experience that encourages guests to get off the vehicle and grounded with the Chyulu Hills. Guests start their day with a tranquil 4:30 a.m. wake-up call to the melodic chirping of birds, followed by a serene game drive through twilight to the Chyulus. Upon approaching the trail, guests will hike up the Chyulu as daybreak approaches, surrounded by nothing but the serene skyline, clouds, and sounds of the bush. At the summit, guests witness a magical sunrise, in tranquil silence, watching the clouds gracefully part, yielding to the sun's radiance. The rolling hills, savannahs, and Mount Kilimanjaro are finally visible, bringing an overwhelming feeling of peace. Led by expert guides, guests will then venture through the lush rainforest where orchids, ferns, and mosses adorning ancient trees await.

Lion’s Head in Cape Town: Ellerman House

Hiking up Lion's Head in Cape Town is an exhilarating adventure among the breathtaking views of the city, the Atlantic Ocean, Robben Island, and Table Mountain, recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature. Completing the 3.3-mile roundtrip typically takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on one's pace and the time spent relishing the scenery. Booking a local adventure guide is essential for enjoying the immeasurable rewards of this moderately challenging hike, which features rocky and ladder-assisted sections. Upon descending Lion's Head, hikers can unwind at Ellerman House, an esteemed hotel located in the heart of Cape Town. At Ellerman House, guests can rejuvenate with a variety of spa treatments, such as the Stress and Muscle Relief Massage, designed to alleviate post-hike fatigue. Alternatively, they can unwind with a refreshing cocktail amidst the hotel's elegant ambiance. Boasting 13 luxurious bedrooms and two 3-bedroom villas, each meticulously designed to showcase panoramic Bantry Bay views and immaculate gardens, Ellerman House epitomizes the essence of South African hospitality.

Explore the Azores: Fajã do Belo

São Jorge Island is a hiker's paradise, with trails that wind through forests, over mountains, and along the coast. The island is home to a variety of landscapes, including crater lakes, waterfalls, and fajãs. Fajãs are flat coastal plains formed by lava flows meeting the ocean, creating fertile pockets amidst the volcanic terrain. Hiking through these fajãs allows hikers to witness the unique interplay of fire and water that shaped the island. Whether guests are seasoned hikers seeking challenging climbs or casual explorers enjoying leisurely strolls, São Jorge has trails to suit all levels. From the gentle Fajã do Belo Loop to the demanding Pico do Areeiro summit trail, there's something for everyone.

After traversing the diverse trails of São Jorge, hikers can seek solace at Pegasus Lodges’ newest property, Fajã do Belo. Tucked along the rugged Atlantic coast, Fajã do Belo offers an intimate connection to nature, surrounded by untouched mountains and waterfalls. The eight meticulously crafted villas accommodate 3 to 5 individuals and showcase architectural charm with locally sourced volcanic stone.

Singita Kwitonda – Hiking & Gorilla Trekking

Set on the edge of Singita Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Singita Kwitonda Lodge puts gorilla trekking within easy reach, providing guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Travelers will hike along rocky paths bordering potato fields--past mud and bamboo houses on smallholdings growing beans, squash, and bananas--before crossing into the jungle brimming with tangles of vines. In groups of eight, each group is assigned to one of the 12 habituated gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park for a one-hour encounter. The time limit helps to minimize the gorillas’ interaction with humans and human-borne diseases.

Singita Kwitonda offers the ultimate retreat after an exhilarating day of gorilla trekking. With eight luxurious suites, each feature a private heated plunge pool, in and outdoor fireplaces, and large timber-framed windows that welcome breathtaking scenery and volcano views inside.

Nakasendo Way: Kiso Road – Walk Japan:

Following the ancient Nakasendo Way, Nakasendo Way: Kiso Road is a year-round tour through central Japan. Pioneered by Walk Japan, the 5 day, 4 night trek offers two similar itineraries along the ancient path—both routes starting in Nagoya and ending in Matsumoto, Itinerary II will take guests an additional 29.8 miles. Away from the bustling Japanese megacities, travelers will take in the surrounding Japanese Central Alps while traveling through verdant forests and mountain streams to paddy fields and shrines, even through historical postal cities. The deep trek through rural Japan treats hikers to a certainly off-the-beaten-track experience. Motivated by education and restoration, hikers on this walking tour will support family-run Japanese inns and relax in their onsens (thermal hot spring baths) and be treated by the locally grown vegetables and fresh-water fish caught in the nearby streams and rivers. Physically and emotionally, travelers embark into to the true heart of Japan.

Mylodon Cave Walking Tour – The Singular Patagonia:

During the ice age, mylodons, a now-extinct giant ground sloth, ruled Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia. 13,000 years later, the preserved remains of skin, bones, and fur were found in Puerto Natales when Captain Hermann Eberhard discovered the cave, as well as its archaeological wonders ranging from the Mylodon to evidence of human habitation, in 1895. Today, the cave, now called The Mylodon Cave, is accessible to visitors from across the globe. For guests staying at The Singular Patagonia, situated directly on the Fjord of Last Hope in Puerto Natales, the property offers a special Mylodon Cave Walking Tour excursion, a 2.5 mile hike that takes travelers through the caves, Nothofagus forests, rock trails, and more. Filled with invaluable paleontological resources, the descent into the main cavern takes guests on a profound archeological exploration.

The Galapagos Islands – Quasar Expeditions:

In addition to a variety of excursions such as snorkeling and kayaking, one of the major highlights of a Galapagos cruise on Quasar Expedition’s M/V Evolution (pax 32) and M/Y Grace (pax 16) is the opportunity to experience the vast hiking trails found on the islands. Each island’s terrain varies, opening a door to completely different hikes with seemingly endless unforgettable wildlife encounters. Excursions on Bartolome, for example, include a walk to a white sandy beach, the famous Pinnacle Rock hike, and a lava rock walk while seeing iguanas, sea lions, turtles, and a variety of birds. Due to the environment and seclusion, the 600 miles between the Ecuadorian coast and the archipelago have allowed for these creatures to have never developed a fear of humans, resulting in up-close-and-personal encounters. Quasar guests often find themselves stepping aside to allow blue-footed boobies to cross, or look up to witness a Galapagos hawk perched above them.

West Bali National Park - Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Located about three-hours from Seminyak’s sandy beaches lies West Bali National Park. Guests staying at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach have the option to book an immersive day trip throughout the Islands of the Gods with their own personal driver from the hotel, allowing them to embark on a scenic journey to the northwestern tip of Bali. This expansive park boasts over 170 plant species and a wide array of bird species, including rare and endangered ones like the Bali Starling. Visitors are treated to the abundant biodiversity spanning the forest, coastline, and mountainous peninsula of Bali. After a day of trekking, adventurers can unwind back at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, indulging in well-deserved relaxation. The hotel's award-winning Sava Spa provides a diverse menu of wellness treatments, ensuring hikers fully rejuvenate after their adventure. Harmonizing affordability with luxurious amenities, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach provides a truly immersive and relaxing post hike experience.

Hiking Safaris at Tswalu Kalahari:

At Tswalu, hiking safaris are immensely popular for guests wishing to observe nature in a more up-close and intimate setting. Guided bushwalks provide a more in depth experience for guests to learn about the various flora and fauna popular to the region, while simultaneously treading silently as they come across homely burrows, nests and creatures big and small. Unique to Tswalu and to hiking safaris are the petroglyphs that can be found around the property, something which can only be found by abandoning guest’s safari vehicle. Travelers to Tswalu can learn about the history of these petroglyphs and how they play a role in shaping the reserves future. Additionally, guests who are interested in an even more immersive and educational experience can join researchers out in the field trekking certain individual or species.