Unique Hotel Suites Bring Fantasy to Life

Unique Hotel Suites Bring Fantasy to Life

Paris: Hotel Seven's 007 Suite

It is not every day we can experience the adrenaline of being a British spy. That is why Hotel Seven in Paris encourages visitors of the city to stay in its 007 Suite.

Taiwan: Eden Motel's Batman Hotel Suite

Holy room service! It's Brue's Wayne's bat cave come to life at the Eden Motel, which unconventionally creates a special treat for lovers of the caped crusader.

Memphis: Graceland Suite at the Heartbreak Hotel

Where else would you find a hotel completely dedicated to the King of Rock ‘n' Roll? In his hometown of Memphis of course, where the soul of Elvis Presley continuously lives on.

South Korea: Lotte Hotels & Resorts' Hello Kitty Suites

Thanks to Lotte Hotels & Resorts, Hello Kitty fans have another paradise to let their love for the cat with the bow run wild.

Las Vegas: Palms Casino Resort's Hot Pink Barbie Suite

If you're thinking this 2,350 square foot version of Barbie's Dream House is just for screaming adolescents think again.

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