Unveiling the Israel Diamond Exchange - A peek inside the world of diamonds

Unveiling the Israel Diamond Exchange - A peek inside the world of diamonds

IsraelTours4U announced they would run tours inside the Israel Diamond Exchange for tourists visiting Israel. Known for its exclusivity and invite-only policy, The Israel Diamond Exchange is now accessible for tourists wishing to have an immersive experience inside the Israel Diamond Exchange with the tour company, IsraelTours4U.

The Israel Diamond Exchange, the largest diamond exchange in the world, has been closed off for all those wishing to explore the immense diamond world found on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel. The private tour takes visitors to one of the oldest running diamond-cutting factories in Israel, explores the Diamond District, and ultimately through the doors of the Diamond Exchange.

 “Diamonds culminate in over 20% of Israel’s exports, and we think it's important to share this booming part of the Israeli industry with our tourists,” says the CEO of IsraelTours4U. 

The in-depth, immersive experience shows visitors the inner workings of the diamond world in the most prominent diamond exchange. With a visit to an actively running diamond cutting factory, visitors can learn, see and meet diamond cutters who are world masters at their skill. The process of the diamond trade in Israel is highly unique, and visitors learn of the procedures it takes to become one of the elite trading hall members on the floor of the international diamond trading hall. The different types of traders can be seen in animated discussions over the diamonds they wish to conduct business with. The trading hall is a melting pot of traders from different countries, religions, and ethnicities, highlighting Israel's diversity.

The tour explores the superstitions of the immense complex and the actions members take to promote good luck. The highly secure Exchange has many procedures to ensure secure dealing and trading of the world’s most significant and most valuable diamonds, and visitors get to learn about the history that honed it.

The final stop of the two-hour tour is to a boutique in the Israel Diamond Exchange for refreshments and a tactile interactive lesson on evaluating diamonds. The lesson teaches visitors how to make informed decisions when purchasing fine jewelry, while learning everything there is to know about diamonds, from rough to polished. There is a non-obligatory opportunity to purchase fine jewelry at near wholesale prices for visitors that express interest.

IsraelTours4U offers a range of luxury tours for VIP tourists. One of the most popular tours is aSailing Tour on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea which provides visitors a rare glimpse of Israel from a viewpoint like no other. Guided every step of the way, tourists are brought to the port in Herzliya, where they are met by their private boat and a bottle of champagne waiting for them. The tour takes them from the port of Herzliya, passing Tel Aviv, and to the old port of Jaffa, with the tour guide giving a greater understanding of the coastline of Israel. After a tour of the old city of Jaffa, the final stop is the Israel Diamond Exchange to get a deeper glimpse of Israel's culture, industry, and history.

With a range of luxury tours in Israel that IsraelTours4U offers, travelers can visit Israel and see the most popular sites without sacrificing comfort. An endless range of experiences can be provided for visitors and travelers looking to make their trip to Israel truly memorable. Reach out to IsraelTours4U to learn more.

IsraelTours4u was founded to bring a new aspect to visiting Israel. They found that tourists all visited, explored, and learned the same aspects of Israel, no matter which tour company they used. IsraelTours4U, understanding the consumer brought another dimension to the touring industry.


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