Valyou Furniture: All the Latest Styles and Trends at a Fraction of the Price

Valyou Furniture: All the Latest Styles and Trends at a Fraction of the Price

E-commerce and online shopping have made the consumer experience much easier over the years, having everything available at their fingertips, and not wasting precious time from their daily lives to visit physical store locations. However, the process can still be extremely tedious and tiresome. Furniture is a major purchase for many consumers, as it will create the aura and ambiance they want to present at their home or business. Valyou Furniture is the up and coming retailer that will soon become a household name. The furniture company has a bedrock and a distinctly different operation than most furniture stores, and is sure to disrupt the industry of furniture shopping. Valyou keeps up to date with the current trends and styles, giving the consumer more bang for their buck than most retail furniture stores, as their inventory is both stylish and cost-effective. So if by chance, you saw a gorgeous mid-century modern couch that has captivated your attention for the past few weeks, Valyou is sure to have it at a great price.

Valyou Furniture is a Hawaiian based brand that was born when the founders realized how difficult it was to find affordable and chic furniture on the islands of Hawaii. When founders Shaul Rappaport and Efi Bisk were able to ascertain the growing consumer interest in this market, they created Valyou Furniture- a well known company around the country, that provides cost efficient furniture that is sleek, and made with only high quality materials. There is no need to go to multiple furniture stores trying to piece your dream home, Valyou has everything you need, with virtually any style you desire. Most consumers like to have several different styles of furniture in their house, so if you want a bohemian patio with a modern kitchen, Valyou’s online store will make your experience quick and productive.

Styles and trends are always evolving, from the fashion to the auto industry, it is important for a company to stay in tune with the movement of the industry. Valyou furniture is always adapting its products to stay up to date with the latest popular trends, this has been a key factor in their formula for success. They can design and produce various furniture styles expeditiously. They have tremendous satisfaction in their ability to find the latest style, and with a very fast turn around time, be able to incorporate the current trend into their products. If a consumer sees a traditional style bed frame at a popular retailer, with a trendy twist on the rails, they would be paying a substantial premium, just to get it at a name brand store. At Valyou’s online store, this item would most likely be in stock but at a cheaper cost, with great quality.

Whatever style of furniture you are looking for, Valyou Furniture has it in stock, at a vey fair price. Staying current with whatever style is trending is very important, and Valyou Furniture takes pride in being able to provide their consumers with quality furniture that is both chic and cost-efficient. In the age of social media, consumers are quickly able to identify what type of furniture they want to buy, platforms like Facebook and Instagram often showcase the newest trends from top retailers. Valyou has a process that facilitates the shopping experience for consumers, this alleviates a lot of hassle and stress involved in furniture shopping, and separates Valyou from its competitors. Valyou is unlike most brands because they can deliver furniture to the consumer within a week, as opposed to the six to eight week wait with most of the top brands. Valyou has their factory in the state of Nevada, which makes interstate shipping quicker and easier. Next time you are shopping for furniture, definitely give Valyou a look.

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Article by Mike Gurman