’s Top 10 Shows for Valentine’s Day’s Top 10 Shows for Valentine’s Day
1. Zumanity – What can we say; really bendy people performing what could be coined as acrobatic Kama Sutra is not only rousingly entertaining but sensually mood-setting as well. Be prepared to gasp, in more ways than one, as you discover just how the tantalizingly toned bodies of Zumanity have flipped their way into the climax of entertainment.

2. Le Rêve – Treat your sweetheart to a sweet night on the town with this beautifully romantic, subtle love-story. Get swept away in the whimsical Dream while enjoying a sparkling glass of bubbly and strawberries in the Champagne circle seats for an ever-so-intimate evening.

3. Zombie Burlesque – What? The thought of rigor mortis doesn't get your hot and bothered? OK, well good thing that goes for most people that haven't seen this sexy, horny zombie-filled production. Putting a zany twist on everything that's sexy about a traditional burlesque performance, the no-limits cast of “Zombie Burlesque” shows audience members that even though the hearts of these sex-frenzied fiends were devoured long ago, their romantic pulse is still pumping blood to all the right places.

4. Boyz II Men – Looking for romance? You can't go wrong with a show that gives away 5,472 roses ever year while the boys from Motownphilly croon the deeply passionate love ballad “I'll Make Love To You.” A concert of soulful love songs is not only ideal for inspiring romance, but it is a perfect excuse to hold your honey tight and feel the love for 90 minutes.

5. X Burlesque – For the wild couple or the singles out there, the “X” in the title should give away the fact that this is not your grandma's burlesque show. As close to a strip club without being a strip club, the elements that make this night of entertainment so naughty include sexy, topless dancers, poles, and chances for audience members to join in on the on-stage action.

6. Lipshtick Comedy – So you don't even like Valentine's Day for the chocolate? Well you're in luck seeing that this national day of love is quite possibly one of the easiest holidays to poke fun at. For a good laugh, join the ladies of Lipshtick as they crack jokes about the greeting card-contrived holiday and turn you on… to comedy.

7. Chippendales – Until Channing Tatum, Matthew and McConaughey and Joe Manganiello do a live action “Magic Mike” show in Vegas, we'll get our groove on – and get turned on -- with the hot, hot men of Chippendales. It may not be the movie, but this show can promise you many sexy moves comparable to those on the silver screen.

8. XBU / Stripper 101 – Why simply watch the action when you can be the star of it? Spice up your love life or just crank up the heat and learn some of the hottest moves from some of Vegas' hottest dancers for a little hotel room hanky-panky.

9. 50 Shades! The Parody – They say laughter is a great aphrodisiac so why not get your mojo going with this laugh-inducing show that parodies the book phenomenon. Pair it with the movie that is opening on Valentine's Day weekend and you can have a whole theme going for your Valentine's Day.

10. Men of Sapphire / Sapphire – Experience the best of both worlds in this strip club for both men and women. With the lovely ladies strutting their stuff for onlookers in addition to the club's chiseled hunks getting down in their separate space, this spacious club will drop jaws and raise…. eyebrows.