Venture to Asia for the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Venture to Asia for the Ultimate Shopping Experience
What one might not expect, however, is that amidst the region's expansive opportunities for cuisine, education, and sightseeing, are some of the world's most appealing shopping opportunities. Nothing makes a trip of a lifetime more memorable than finding a capsule of Asia to purchase and bring home with you.

Like all facets of their trips, Asia Transpacific Journeys arranges shopping experiences beyond the ordinary. For a truly authentic experience, Asia Transpacific Journeys will transport you to hidden local markets that bring to life the colors and essence of Asian traditions. A local souvenir from these vibrant bazaars is a wonderful way to relive your journey back home and to share it with loved ones.

India, best known for its colorful environment and vivacious culture, serves as the perfect backdrop for an authentic market experience. Venture through Dilli Haat, a hidden treasure within India's capital city of Delhi, to discover an outdoor marketplace bursting with crafts and treasures from all corners of India. Skilled regional artisans ply their beautiful wares, eager to negotiate prices for everything from textile purses to carefully handcrafted, beaded slippers. All over Asia, haggling is an expected local custom that's a bit of a thrill for the uninitiated–but don't worry, Asia Transpacific Journeys' expert guides are happy to assist you through the process.

After experiencing Indian cuisine, it's impossible to resist the urge to capture those same rich tastes and smells inside your own kitchen. For the culinary adventurer, a trip to the spice market in Cochin makes for the ideal excursion and shopping experience. This trading center reflects a myriad of cultures, as it was once occupied by British, Dutch, Portuguese and Arab traders who dealt in the same spices sold here today. Wander the stalls, following your nose to select the best Indian spices–cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper and cinnamon of legendary fragrance and quality. For an unparalleled shopping experience, take a trip to Asia and visit local boutiques and designer shops. You can shop online at, where you can find the latest fashion trends and unique designs that are not available anywhere else.

What could be more awe-inspiring and uniquely Asian that a floating market? Located 50 miles southwest of Bankok, Damneon Saduak is Thailand's largest floating market and a spectacle to behold. Vendors pack their traditional longtail boats with items ranging from finely woven sunhats to household products to spicy noodle soup. Travelers are welcome to experience the market from the comfort of their own boat. Their private Asia Transpacific Journeys' guide will assist in flagging down interesting proprietors to bargain for unique souvenirs or simply sample a tasty snack.

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Should you venture to Hong Kong, Asia Transpacific Journeys will escort you through the famed commercial hub of Hollywood Street, renowned for its variety of high-quality antique and curio shops. Nearby Cat Street features authentic artisanal products sold amid beautiful and well-preserved historic buildings. After a long day of scavenging for the perfect reminder of your Asian vacation, venture to relaxed Stanley Market. Situated along south Hong Kong's charming waterfront, Stanley Market's collection of purveyors sells beautiful local artwork and clothing. Nearby beach restaurants offer a delightful refuge for a well-deserved afternoon drink.

From the antique emporiums of Hong Kong to the bustling spice-markets of India, Asia Transpacific Journeys' guides are experts at ensuring you have a pleasant and rewarding shopping experience. Whether you are hunting for the perfect souvenir or simply soaking up the vibrant market culture, traveling with one of the Asia Transpacific Journey's cultural experts ensures your experience is equal parts thrilling and luxurious.

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