VETTA: The Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe 5 pieces = 30 outfits

VETTA: The Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe 5 pieces = 30 outfits
Committed to responsible manufacturing, the company is producing its first collection in New York City's historic garment district, from eco-friendly materials.

The collection hinges on innovative yet minimal design. “While some brands have done convertible pieces, we haven't seen anyone doing a fully convertible collection like this for the everyday woman, where each piece can be worn multiple ways and everything is interchangeable,” says co-founder Cara Bartlett. “It's the perfect travel wardrobe, because you can pack the entire capsule in an overnight bag, and you can wear it for a month without repeating outfits.”

In addition to versatility, VETTA is committed to ethical manufacturing. The co-founders found that with the rise of fast fashion, many women had a closet filled to the brim with clothing and yet still had nothing to wear. Clothing made by fast fashion brands can often fall apart and go out of style quickly, and also could have a negative impact on people and the planet. “We thought to ourselves, ‘There must be a better way,'” says Cara. “We set out to create clothing that was versatile and responsibly-made, those go-to items in your wardrobe that you love to wear – and can feel good about wearing.”

“We're manufacturing our first collection in the US, in responsible factories, from eco-friendly materials,” added Cara. “We're working with a highly skilled factory in NYC that manufactures for brands stocked by Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys. Only we wanted to make it accessible for people, so we're selling directly to the customer for half the price.”

The collection features fabrics like Tencel, which is made from sustainably sourced wood raw materials and requires less water than most fabrics. It's created in a closed loop system that recycles the solvents, limiting its impact on the environment, and it's biodegradable. “The fabrics we used were chosen for their environmental impact, but also for their more practical properties,” explains Cara. “Tencel can be extremely absorbent soft, and the fabric we're using feels like a combination of cotton and silk.”

The five piece capsule is made up of a v-neck belle-sleeve blouse that can be worn forwards or backwards, a short sleeve tunic that can be tied to create a cropped top, a two-piece dress that can be worn five ways, culottes with detachable suspenders, and a long vest that can also be worn as a dress. “It's not as complicated as some of the other convertible designs that you've seen, like a wrap dress you can wear fifty ways. We focused on really simple and wearable designs that give you more value and make your life easier,” says co-founder Vanessa van Zyl.

The VETTA Spring/Summer Capsule Collection is immediately available for pre-sale. For more information, visit or pre-order the collection on Kickstarter.

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