Pets on Jets: Fly 'Furs Class' for National Pet Week May 7-13

Pets on Jets: Fly 'Furs Class' for National Pet Week May 7-13
With no membership or subscription free to become a Victor user, you’ll be able to instantly avoid the traumatizing experience of cargo units and keep your precious pet right where they belong – in your lap!

“At Victor, we are always striving to provide a stress-free travel experience – for both our human users and their pets. We understand that holds in commercials aircrafts carry a risk, and therefore Victor provides the best possible solution for you and your pet to travel in style.” David Young, SVP of North America

According to Victor’s recent bookings from the past year, global pet travel is up 11.3% – so grab your adorable animal and travel stress free on any one of the 7,000 aircrafts that are available at your fingertips. Whether you’re jetting to a business trip with man’s best friend, or seeking an island “petaway” ahead of the summer crowds, Victor is the best way to Jet with a Pet!

Victor’s “Furs Class” benefits include:

• Access to all the necessary treats and toys needed
• Eliminating the stress of putting your pet underneath the plane
• 24/7 Victor customer service for any questions or concerns

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