VIK Ranks Number One in Chile in World's Best Vineyards

VIK Ranks Number One in Chile in World's Best Vineyards

VIK has been recognized as number one in Chile and number three in the world in the 2023 edition of the World’s Best Vineyards. The accolade is the latest recognition honoring the groundbreaking wine and hospitality experience discovered at the destination. The World’s Best Vineyards showcases an extensive list of the very best of wine tourism, highlighting the world’s finest vineyards across the globe.

Ideally positioned in Chile’s Millahue Valley, the goal at VIK from the very beginning has been to create wines that would among the best in the world. The property unfolds across 11,000 breathtaking acres. Set amongst the mountains and sweeping valleys with the soaring Andes Mountains in the distance, the winery, designed by architect Smiljan Radic in collaboration with innovators Alex and Carrie Vik, features an unprecedented design which is at once state-of-the-art, highly sustainable, and a spectacular visual display. Thoughtfully designed to have minimal impact on the landscape, the winery prioritizes natural viticultural and winemaking processes to efficiently optimize natural resources. The winery’s renowned and award winning family of wines includes VIK, Milla Cala, La Piu Belle, and La Piu Belle Rosé. Each of the wines is truly unique and has shown continued improvement with the release of each vintage, pointing to the incomparable nature, unique biodiversity, complexity of the terroir and exceptional viniculture.

Working in tandem with the vineyard and winery is Vik Chile, a breathtaking retreat with groundbreaking architecture, art and design, and views out across the rolling vineyards. With holism as its guiding force, the entire VIK experience is centered on the concept that every element comes together to create a truly exceptional, innovative, and singular experience for visitors.

VIK encourages visitors to indulge in a true immersion through world class wine and culinary experiences. Milla Milla, VIK’s signature restaurant highlights the Chilean terroir through use of locally grown and produced ingredients and a continued emphasis on authentic South American cuisine. Guests and visitors are also invited to dine in the more casual Pavilion Café at the VIK Winery, or at VIK Zero, the alfresco restaurant in the property’s organic garden, where the ingredients are harvested moments before they are prepared, giving guests a truly exclusive “terroir to table” experience. VIK also offers a range of activities from the leisurely to the active, for every type of traveler. Guests are invited and unwind in the Wine Spa, a holistic spa designed to renew physical and mental energy with special therapies that perfectly blend aromas, textures and sound. Guests can embark on VIK’s many hiking trails, enjoy a picnic in the vineyard, mountain bike or horseback ride through the vineyard and valleys, relax poolside, take part in wine tastings and tours, cooking classes and much more.

The Top 50 list for the World’s Best Vineyards is compiled from all the nominations by the global academy of voters. The world is split into geographical regions, each headed up by an acknowledged expert as the Academy Chair. Each Academy Chair is responsible for recruiting 36 wine and travel experts. Each member of the Voting Academy must vote for 7 vineyards. There is no pre-determined checklist of criteria or predefined list to choose from – each vote is a nomination for a vineyard experience open to the public that they deem to truly be the best in the world.