Villa La Personala: An Intimate Italian Country House Hotel Experience in Modena, Italy

Villa La Personala: An Intimate Italian Country House Hotel Experience in Modena, Italy

Boutique hotel Villa La Personala, which is located within the Emilia Romagna region of Italy’s Food Valley,  welcomes guests to experience the authentic country Italian lifestyle whilst diving deeper into the Food Valley world, in particular with its unique partnership with Michelin-starred Chef Luca Marchini and its joint customized food tour packages.

The historical 12th century Villa La Personala is drenched in centuries of local Italian heritage blended with a deep knowledge of its region and a strong network of providence neighborhood connections; thus, it prides itself in offering the most genuine experiences within the area that only a local would know. Tailored to each guest’s personal passions and tastes, Villa La Personala can personally customize each tour from a menu of options making for a truly unique and special experience. Costs can range from budget friendly to uber luxury, but whatever you choose it will deeply immerse you into the Emilia Romagna region, especially the charming historic town of Modena.

The area is perfect for foodies as it is known for its regional specialties from Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, Lambrusco sparkling wine as well as home to some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world, including top Michelin star restaurants, where they have honed the art of making the best pasta to be found in Italy including tortellini.

Luca Marchini’s name is synonymous with Italian haute cuisine. Villa La Personala’s food partnership with Michelin-starred Chef Marchini, a local resident of Modena since he was seventeen years old, showcases the city from which a strong culture and culinary identity has been absorbed. An identity that still today inspires him and is a continuous stimulus in the creation of different narrative codes, reinterpreting the ingredients in an entirely personal way.

Chef Marchini met Countess Angelica Ferri Personali, who was raised as a child at Villa La Personala and decided to majestically transform her childhood home into an exclusive country house hotel with a multicultural center for private events, while he was catering a high-profile event in Venice. Their relationship is centered on a mutual love of food and Modena, so it was only natural to join together to offer the best foodie experiences within the region. Chef Marchini is proud owner of multi-award-winning gourmet restaurant L’Erba del Re, founder of Amaltea Cooking School, creator of Bottega DA RE line of preserves and restaurant Trattoria Pomposa al Re gras, the chef's homage to Emilian tradition, where you can enjoy typical Modenese recipes. Below is a sampling of his joint food experiences offered with Villa La Personala:

  • Private Cooking Class with Chef Marchini – learn from a Michelin-starred chef how to cook with the Italian region’s specialty foods and adopt skilled tricks of the trade to master signature Italian dishes with a very personal one-on-one instruction at his famed Italian Amaltea cooking school.
  • Chef Led Travel Experience: Explore Modena’s Cuisine & Culture– Chef Marchini will personally show you around his hometown of Modena. Highlighting its rich culinary wonders and attractions like the historic indoor Albinelli food market, Balsamic Vinegar Acetaia, Parmigiano Cheese Dairy Farm, wine vineyards and a meal at his award-winning Michelin- starred gourmet restaurant L’Erba de Re.
  • Personalized Meal - Villa La Personala also upon request can have Chef Marchini create with you a curated menu for a one-of-a-kind Michelin star feast prepared personally by him for a rememberable lunch or dinner at the villa.
  • Preserves DA RE Chef Marchini will enlighten your knowledge about preserves and their importance in your kitchen cupboard with an overview of his new Bottega DA RE line of preserves.

** Recommendation for guests is to book a customize experience in advance with Villa La Personala prior to arrival, but some options are available to book during stay.