Villages and Vikings of The Lofoten Islands

Villages and Vikings of The Lofoten Islands

A Luxe B&B Kayaking Adventure in the Arctic Circle.

A country of breathtaking fjords, immense glaciers, otherworldly landscapes, and remnants of the Vikings in every corner, Norway may be the perfect place for adventure travel.

The Lofoten Islands, a remote archipelago in the far north of the country, above the Arctic Circle, may offer some of the best paddling experiences in a country already renowned for its sea kayaking. The fishing villages that dot the coastline here date to the time of the Vikings. The largest Viking longhouse ever found in Europe, at 83m in length, is located here. It was rebuilt to its original grandeur and is today part of Norway’s best Viking museum.

Paddling from village to village allows kayakers to take in the majesty of the landscape, spotting sea eagles, colonies of puffins, and marine life in the gin-clear waters of the fjords while staying each night in a comfortable robuer or ‘fisherman’s house’, some of which are centuries old. On land, one can explore the vibrant communities still inhabited today by the ancestors of those Vikings.

Expedition Engineering’s 8-day Lofoten Islands B&B kayaking trip runs June 30- July 7, 2022. The cost is €3950. Norway is open for travel for vaccinated travelers.