VinoSpa Skincare Products are Vegan & PETA Certified

VinoSpa Skincare Products are Vegan & PETA Certified

VinoSpa skincare products have been certified by PETA, officially recognizing that they do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and their products do not include any animal-derived ingredients.

On top of this, their skincare line is made from 100% all natural materials -- VinoSpa does not use parabens, petrolatum, plasticisers, formaldehyde, dyes or fragrances.

The Pinot Noir Grape and its wine contain naturally occurring resveratrol and polyphenols. These have been known for centuries to deliver powerful healing, age-defying antioxidants that, when applied to your skin, defend against negative environmental influences. They improve your skin's elasticity and luminosity. VinoSpa selects their other ingredients from sustainable ethical farmers and suppliers, and those ingredients are chosen for the maximum benefit to your health. Then they infuse with essential oils for the mind, body, and soul. These are spa-quality products for you at home!

VinoSpa’s product line was developed to be sustainable, both in the creation and the use. The products have a multitude of uses. Skin is skin, and no matter your skin type, VinoSpa balances the skin to health. And so, the line is created of essential skincare products. VinoSpa Tone is used as an aftershave or pre-moisturizer, and Oil is used as a beard oil, cuticle oil, hair masque and massage oil. It can even be added to Moisture and Butter to pump up the moisturizing strength.

VinoSpa Noble SkinCare. Noble Grapes for natural and healthy skin.