Vintage Jewelry That’ll be Your Best Companion in 2021

Vintage Jewelry That’ll be Your Best Companion in 2021

Women who love collecting and are fond of jewelry items will indeed possess a few additional antique pieces in their jewelry collection, passed down from older generations. From a pearl-studded brooch that belongs to the Victorian era to a stunning tiara from the ’70s, vintage jewelry holds more value and sentiment than modern pieces. The handmade designs crafted onto old jewelry pieces are unmatched compared to those we find in stores nowadays.

Antique golds in buttery warm polish, personal engravings, lockets carved into artistic shapes using precious stones and diamonds, it’s almost impossible to find such extraordinary work and detailing today. Women should invest in such timeless pieces in 2021 that are over 100 years old, represent a rich history, skilled craftsmanship by artisans, and intrinsic beauty unique and rare.

The jewels found in vintage jewelry are rare, unlike the items mass-produced by big brands today. These whimsical and antique jewelry pieces are more precious and personal because of their stories and can be a good investment for the future as well. Below is a list of vintage jewelry items you can wear throughout 2021 if you want to add more class and elegance to your formal and casual outfits, let’s take a look:

  • Vintage Cut Shungite Pendant

Pendants are the perfect jewelry item to incorporate into any daywear or nightwear outfit without putting too much effort. Although the vintage cut Shungite pendant is excellent to pair on formal occasions - with dresses, shirts, and jackets. The light metal chain creates an elegant look and elongates the neck further, which looks alluring with deep neck tops as well. One can choose more items from Shungite jewelry to style their ensembles, such as earrings or bracelets. The Shungite gemstone keeps the body protected from harmful radiation and negative energies, so one can always keep the pendant close to their heart, and it’ll add a classic touch to your everyday outfits.

  • Pearl & Diamond Festoon Necklace

In earlier times, pearls and diamonds were symbols of great power, provenance, status, and style. The emperor’s wives were seen donning beautiful choker-style or layered festoon necklaces for their strolls and to ball parties. The pearl strand necklaces had huge rock-sized gemstones attached as pendants. The famous iconic festoon necklace with pendant drops has been worn multiple times by the Royal Queen Anne of Edinburgh. Also, it has been worn by Queen Elizabeth from the Royal family herself.

  • Gold Bracelet with Rubies & Diamonds

Another dream vintage piece is the antique gold bracelet with encrusted rubies and diamonds. Anyone looking for the perfect gold bracelet that is unique has character and will pair well with their wardrobe, this one's for you. The bracelet can have precious stones such as rubies and emeralds carved into shapes of flowers, stars, or other intricate motifs, which gives them infinite beauty. Rubies can last a lifetime and are almost similar to Sapphires except for their colors. Most of the royal emperors made sure that their crowns were encrusted with a center-piece Ruby, in the size of a fist. The stones symbolize power, courage, passion and are so durable that one can carry out their everyday tasks without worrying about damaging them. You can wear the bracelet alone or layer it with some identical gold chains to complete the entire look.

  • Graduated Rivière Sapphire Necklace 

An exquisite beauty, the graduate-cut Sapphire rivière necklace is one of the unique pieces of vintage jewelry styles. A symbol of royalty and nobility, Sapphires come second to durability and toughness after diamonds. This means that they’re sustainable to wear regularly without worrying about scratches or chipping. It’s ideal for women who want one-of-a-kind statement necklaces that women can carry with most of their evening dresses. One can customize their look accordingly by pairing it with a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet and studs to keep the necklace as the main attraction for the night.

  • Pear-Shaped Diamond Earrings

Women who prefer classic designs over statement pieces will find the pear-shaped diamond earrings as their new favorite piece. The pear design with a platinum vintage finishing is so simple yet strong that it can match no modern piece. The size of the large diamonds is so awe-inspiring that once someone looks at them, they won’t stop thinking about it for a while. Instead of the diamonds, other precious jewels will also look equally striking. One can opt to wear 3-4 platinum bangles with the earrings to complete their look.

  • Gemstone Rings

Women love to pair their attires with layers, and layers of rings in every finger - from basic gold bands to solitaire pieces cut into beautiful shapes, rings add richness to every outfit. The gemstone rings with a halo of diamonds, Swarovskis outlining the beautiful garnets, yellow sapphires, and exquisite aquamarines give an endless sparkle. The gemstone’s colorful and whimsical beauty makes them even more irresistible, and people stack more and more pieces to expand their collection. If you’re looking for inspiration to get the perfect engagement ring, this vintage piece will definitely take your breath away.