Visit Lapland Lauches Northern Lights Activities

Visit Lapland Lauches Northern Lights Activities

Visit Lapland has launched a new range of Arctic Northern Lights activities available book online for this travel this winter.

Whether experiencing the Northern Lights on horseback, alongside huskies, on an exciting Aurora chase, or behind the lens alongside experienced photographers – it has never been easier to book activities to experience the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights tour on horseback, Kiruna, Sweden

After preparing a horse, guests depart for a riding tour during the winters evening traveling at an easy pace through a hundred-year-old forest nestled against the mountain range hunting for the beautiful Northern Lights and enjoying the star filled skies. During the tour, there is also a good chance of seeing Moose and other regional wildlife.

On returning to the stables, guests are served dinner consisting our local specialties such as game or fish, after which guests will get to know more about animals, nature and culture of the region while sitting round the fire in a traditional sami hut. This tour is certified with the Swedish Ecotourism Society’s label, Nature’s Best.

This 4.5 hour Northern Lights tour on horseback tour, in Kiruna, Sweden, is available through from October to April 7th costing from £160 (1850SEK) per person. Visit for more information.

Northern Lights Huskey visit, Tromso, Norway

Experience the Northern Lights and make friends with 300 Alaskan huskies. Based at an Aurora Camp 30 minutes away from the city lights professional guides host the evening where the sky is dark and well suited for Aurora watching. While waiting for the lights to appear guests can cuddle huskies and puppies, enjoy a guided tour or relax around an open fire in a traditional Sami hut. Dinner is included with traditional Norwegian Bacalao containing locally fished cod.

This 4-hour Northern Lights tour in Tromso, Norway, is available through from October 23rd to March 25th costing from £92 (990NOK) per person. Visit for more information.

The Great Aurora Chase, Abisko, Sweden

Join a professional guide during the peak of the aurora season and search for the magical Northern Lights from a safe and modern vehicle. Once aboard, the guide will use their experience, combined with local weather and aurora forecasts to make the best possible decision about where to look for the Northern Lights. Depending on their experience, the chase can cover up to 100 KM with several spectacular locations with a proven track record and high likelihood of success.

During this adventure, your guide will talk about the aurora borealis, the history of the Abisko National Park and serve warm drinks. Camera gear is not included, but the guide an understanding of aurora photography and will be happy to give you a few pointers along the way.

This 4-hour Northern Lights chase in Abisko, Sweden, is available through from October to February costing from £60 (695SEK) per person. Visit for more information.

Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour, Rovainemi, Finland

Join professional guides who specialise in Aurora photography, and who can give guests the best possible chance to witness, and photograph, the Northern Lights in the Rovaniemi area.

The Northern Lights are always unpredictable and there is no guarantee – however this trip gives guests the best possible chance with a genuine determination to find the Northern Lights. The tour will on average visit 2-3 different locations which are chosen according to local weather conditions and photographic opportunities. Altogether there are over 50 locations, some of which are over 100KM away, all depending on the forecast.

This 4.5 hour Discover the Northern Lights Photography Tour in Rovainemi, Finland, is available through from December to mid-April costing from £112 (125 EURO) per person. Visit for more information.

Abisko Northern Lights Snowmobiling, Abisko, Sweden

This tour takes you deep into the wilderness away from natural lights in a reindeer skin lined sled pulled by a Snowmobile. Knowledgeable guides teach you about the local area, the Northern Lights and local life as you travel through the pristine snow covered Abisko National Park – which is not accessible by car. At key points you’ll stop and enjoy the silence of the park as you and your guide hunt for the Northern Lights as well as enjoying a traditional Swedish Fika by a camp fire.

This 3-hour Abisko Northern Lights Snowmobiling tour in Abisko, Sweden, is available through from December to the end of March costing from £94 (1095SEK) per person. Visit for more information

“The Northern Lights are simply magical and however you chose to experience them, it will be a travel memory that will stay with you forever,” said Visit Lapland’s Chad Blakley. “Whether you are traveling independently or looking to add more excitement to an existing trip – Visit Lapland has the widest range of Northern Lights activities to make your Arctic experience the adventure you always dreamed of.”

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