Visit San Diego with a Private Car Service

Visit San Diego with a Private Car Service

There is plenty to recommend about a visit to San Diego. Around 3.3 million people enjoy living in the County of San Diego due to its pleasant climate, and mile upon mile of pristine coastline and beaches.

Tourism which provides 194,000 jobs is the third biggest revenue source for San Diego and generates $17.9 billion a year.

A visit to San Diego can be enjoyed by couples, singles, and families alike. Visitors are drawn to San Diego Zoo and other well-known attractions. And there are luxury hotels and spas for romantic getaways. However, how you travel will define some part of your vacation.

Do you take your own car and head to Little Italy for a meal in one of the many popular restaurants, or do you hire a driver to cruise the Gaslamp Quarter?

6 Reasons to hire a private car service

Driving is tiring, and if you are planning a relaxing, and luxurious trip, you don’t want to be concerned with breakdowns, and finding gas stations or EV charging points.

A romantic trip as a couple would be enhanced by using a limousine, and fun but luxurious family getaways can be had by using a private driver too.

Below are 6 reasons why it might be a wise idea to use a private car service when visiting San Diego.

Travel in style

One thing tourists like about San Diego is the many pedestrian-friendly areas. Aforementioned Little Italy and Gaslamp Quarter are very walkable. However, you still need to get to your chosen destination from your hotel.

A black car service with a driver is a stylish way to move around, and rolling up to a nightclub in a limousine will make you feel special.

You will avoid stress

Traveling during peak hours and traffic jams can make driving stressful. And certainly won’t be a high point of any luxury holiday.

If you are going to San Diego for work-related activities or a vacation, you will want to arrive refreshed. A flight into the county followed by a private car pick-up service will contribute to this.

However, one of the best driving trips in the world involves Route 66. Depending on where you start your journey, you could drive part of the way on this famous route. In this case, consider a car rental service where you can drop the vehicle off in San Diego to switch to your private driver.

Give your vehicle a break

By using a rental service, or a private car with a driver, you will avoid wear and tear to your own vehicle.

If you consider all the financial implications of running a car, such as fuel, loans, insurance, and even depreciation, it is an expensive business. A new car driven 15,000 miles per year will cost an average of $894 a month. Leave your car at home and fly, and then hop into a private vehicle in San Diego.

Also, while the idea of a family trip across several states might seem appealing, breaking down on the interstate is no one's idea of a good start to a vacation.

You can use airport pick-ups

Simply booking a San Diego Airport car service means you will be delivered to your hotel feeling refreshed and ready to start enjoying your trip.

Airport pick-ups can be pre-booked, and you can avoid taxi ranks, or queuing to hire a rental car. And you can take advantage of this service at both ends.

Booking one of these services can mean you travel from home to hotel. You can be collected at home and arrive at the airport set to fly. At the other end, another driver will be waiting to take you and your luggage to wherever you are staying.

See San Diego at night

A limousine is the perfect luxury vehicle for cruising around downtown areas and seeing the sights. But, there are many stylish car options that you can consider. You can choose to rent your own, or get one with a driver who knows the area and can make recommendations.

Avoid rising fuel prices

Between January and June last year, car fuel prices went up by nearly 50%. For diesel-powered car owners, the increase was 55%.

Not only could long-distance travel by car be stressful, but it might also even be more expensive than flying. Budget airlines such as JetBlue fly to and from San Diego. Even with a private car service, the cost could be reasonable once the stress of driving interstate.

Final Thoughts

Using a private car service can add a touch of luxury to your San Diego trip. You could choose a basic option and rent a self-drive vehicle, or hire a private driver.

An airport pick-up will help provide a relaxing start to a vacation, and a limousine can make for a romantic and fun night on the town.