VIVAMAYR Altaussee: The Ultimate Medical Spa Experience in Austria

VIVAMAYR Altaussee: The Ultimate Medical Spa Experience in Austria

Tucked in the sprawling Austrian alps lies VIVAMAYR Altaussee, the famous and almost-mystical medical health resort. VIVAMAYR is shrouded in clean, meditational luxury, promising (and delivering) stupendous health pivots for its guests.

Rebel Wilson has credited the spa for her near 80 pound weight loss in 2019. Elizabeth Hurley, Victoria Kennedy, Millie Mackintosh, Karlie Kloss, Suki Waterhouse, and even the Rolling Stones have graced the grassy lawns of VIVAMAYR. We are calling the spot the health gem of Europe, and its legacy positively precedes itself.

Where It Is

Your trip to VIVAMAYR, Altaussee begins as soon as you land at the airport, with staff waiting to drive you to the scenic locale.

The remote location offers gorgeous mountain scenery of limitless greens on misty blue lakes with soft-modern architecture. The buildings, surrounding area, and staff are all curated to create a blissfully calming, comfortable, light, airy, breezy experience.

Choose from lake or mountain-facing rooms, each complete with its own balcony, perfect for lounging and reading a good book. From classic rooms to penthouses and park residences, any accommodation promises to be just what the doctor ordered.

VIVAMAYR Altaussee is complete with sumptuous spa resources, comprised of a saltwater pool, steam bath, infrared cabin, and even a beauty department intent on supporting the process of cleansing and regeneration.

What It Does

What makes this destination so covetously luxurious is the perfect marriage between location, services, and results. Individuals seeking ultimate, top-shelf health have flocked to VIVAMAYR for years to experience Health under the late Austrian doctor Dr. F. X. Mayr’s timeless practices. Yes, that’s Health with a capital H.

Founder of Modern Mayr Medicine, Dr. Mayr redefined Health into a tangible, elevated achievement worthy of proper noun-dom. Dr. Mayr came up with his formula, based heavily on the digestive system, and implemented it well from the 1920s to 1965.

The Health Resort in Altaussee  promises that true health change is possible by activating both the body and spirit. Offering unique and individually-customized medical programs tailored to you and your needs, guests are invited to select specific therapeutic focuses prior to their stay.

The medical programs create the foundation of your experience — both physically and mentally — working together to increase your quality of life. You can choose from the following programs: Detoxification, weight regulation, restoring mobility or strengthening performance, post-Covid, and more. It all depends on your health goals.

The concrete implementation of the treatment is 100% unique to the individual and their needs. The starting point for this is a comprehensive initial examination with blood analysis and regular checkups. Next, you will follow a precisely-defined path of treatments, therapies, movements, and nutritional concepts which are carefully supervised by on-staff doctors. VIVAMAYR stresses the importance of following unique guidelines per guest, because each guest is simply unique.

Further, you will have daily discussions with your doctor in order to fine-tune your program to help you reach your personal targets in the most effective and efficient way.

In addition to your room booking, your program choice will feature custom, medically-prescribed meals for the duration of your stay, based on Modern Mayr Medicine; mineral water, teas, and a portable water bottle; daily optional activities and access to the wellness area with saunas, steam bath, infrared sauna, heated indoor pool, and fitness room; private lake access for guests only; bed-and-umbrella-clad sunbathing area; and fluffy bathrobes, bath bags, and a hot water bottle (for liver wraps).

Wondering what, exactly, is a liver wrap? A liver wrap, sometimes called liver compress, is a way of warming and thereby detoxifying the liver. The heat stimulates blood flow in the area, speeding up the liver’s natural detoxification process.

Additional packages for purchase include weight optimization, immune system strengthening, detoxification, and stress reduction programs — all of which include daily communications with your assigned doctor to ensure each step is taken correctly along your VIVAMAYR journey.

The splendor described barely touches the surface and we would be hard pressed to imagine what such an all-inclusive health approach could really do — the possibilities seem magically endless.

From clean, fresh foods that are dietician prescribed and tailored cooking classes to massages, pools, saunas, and hikes, the luxurious price point is undoubtedly well worth it.

There are also permanent VIVAMAYR day clinics in Vienna and London. Find out where to access the Mayr Method for yourself here.

Written by Victoria Kennedy