VolJet: Private Jet Booking with a Modern Twist

VolJet: Private Jet Booking with a Modern Twist
You shouldn't have to carry the burden (and your baggage) through crowded check-in lines, expected delays, long layovers and congested airports. In today's on-the-go mentality, your time is valuable and should not be wasted. Your travel should be hassle-free.

VolJet.com is an air travel booking website that makes flying by private jet more affordable and accessible to premium air travelers than ever before. VolJet does not own or operate aircraft. It creates a simple way for people to fly on private jets at competitive prices.

VolJet.com simplifies the transaction of booking private jets while offering unprecedented options to share the cost and pay as you go and is the only online site where you can mix and match your private jet travel with commercial airlines. There are no upfront charges or membership fees to join for travelers or participating jet operators.


With the VolJet model of transparency, immediacy and security, clients are able to feel confident about their choice of travel arrangements, and to have a seamless experience from booking to boarding. VolJet.com now enables qualified jet owners and operators the opportunity to maximize their profits through exposure to a new market space resulting in a new revenue stream and increased utilization of their assets.

While VolJet has been designed for public use, it can serve as an effective corporate travel and fleet management tool. It is a perfect air reservation system to save travel agents, executive assistants, celebrity managers and corporate travel coordinators valuable time and money. VolJet's methodology and system architecture are highly adaptable and the software can be licensed to companies looking for increased revenues.

Finally, your private jet online booking tool is here. Fly private and save in under 60 seconds. VolJet.com is the first online system to mix and match itineraries with both private jet and commercial airline options, delivering increased flexibility, maximum value and the perfect elite seat.

Your aircraft awaits…www.voljet.com