W Mexico City Presents a Specially Curated ‘W Insider’ Guide

W Mexico City Presents a Specially Curated ‘W Insider’ Guide
Recently hailed the #1 ‘Place to Go in 2016’ by The New York Times, Mexico City is one of the hottest travel destinations for 2016.

Created by W Mexico City's very own Insider, Maru Pardo, the W Insider Guide to Mexico City is part of W Hotel’s brand-wide W Insider Program, an exclusive service for hotel guests in which a dedicated, on-property expert curates customized recommended activities based on their interests and what they want to explore in the destination. From art, architecture, and geography, to nightlife, dining and entertainment, Maru always has her finger on the pulse of Mexico City's thriving culture and handpicks experiences to satisfy what each guest is looking for during their stay.

To experience Mexico City like the ultimate insider, Maru suggests checking out the below must-see spots:


  • Breakfast Debbie & Peponne – “My favorite place for a healthy, gourmet international breakfast with Mexican dishes. You can enjoy these dishes guilt-free; including the chilaquiles.” 5 minutes walking from W Mexico City

  • Lunch Amalia Gusto & Grill – “Located in the heart of one of our main chic avenues, Presidente Masaryk, the restaurant specializes in grilled seafood and is perfect for afternoons. Check out the terrace near the DJ or the green areas at the first floor.” 13 minutes walking from W Mexico City

  • Dinner J by José Andrés – “José Andrés’ newest restaurant combines flavors of Spain and Mexico. The food is delicious and sophisticated, but the restaurant has a lively vibe to it, too. Perfect before a night out on the town, or a casual dinner at the hotel. J by José Andrés’ new brunch is also excellent.” Located at W Mexico City

  • Street FoodTaquería El Turix – “A hidden small street food place is El Turix. The tacos are tasty and it’s just a few blocks away from W Mexico City. It’s a great option for people who want to try that type of spicy Mexican food but want something quick – I recommend ordering the cochinita pibil.” 9 minutes walking from W Mexico City


  • Bar – Living Room Bar – “Living Room Bar is famous for amazing cocktails and nightlife. From the signature drinks, to specialty ‘Gin Lab’ cocktails, there is a delicious drink sure to satisfy all taste buds. It also has a buzzy atmosphere, which makes it a great place to start the evening.” Located at W Mexico City

  • Lively/NightclubEnvy – “One of the best gay clubs in Polanco. The design is minimalist and contemporary, and the music is mainly 80s.” 8 minutes walking from W Mexico City

  • Restaurant/Bar/NightclubRepública del Distrito – “Serves classic cocktails. Even though it’s an intimate place, the sophisticated atmosphere, vintage décor and great music guarantee a fun experience. The location is awesome, too. Party on!” 9 minutes walking from W Mexico City


  • Hot Shopping – Antara Fashion Hall and Plaza Carso – “They are perfect for shopping, and the design and architecture of the buildings are unbelievable. One of my favorite stores is Pantera, a Mexican brand specializing in luxury handbags and leather accessories. Mango is also one of the favorites for fashion around town.” 10 minutes driving from W Mexico City;15 minutes driving from W Mexico City

  • For Men – Barberia Capital – “It is the ultimate place to go for health and appearance – it’s geared toward men.” 11 minutes walking from W Mexico City

  • Mexico City Fashion – Madero Street – “I have to mention Madero Street at Centro. It’s a pedestrian area that has everything from well-known brand stores for clothing and shoes, to small flea markets, to restaurants with beautiful terraces.” 30 minutes driving from W Mexico City


  • La Casa del Lago – “A mystical place inside the Chapultepec Park. It’s a 100% green area with lovely architecture and is far removed from the car noises. Mexico City’s history is preserved there, too. Simply being there and enjoying the sunset near the lake is awesome.” 12 minutes driving from W Mexico City

  • The Anthropology Museum – “One of my favorite museums by W Mexico City. From ancient accessories, to gardens, to exposition rooms full of colors and paintings, the museum highlights and explains the different periods of time of Mexico City and culture well.” 18 minutes walking from W Mexico City

  • Feria de la Culturas Amigas (Culture Friends Fair) – “Mexico City is always full of art events, music and food experiences, but this fair is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with people from around the world. Attendees can taste the classic foods of every country just steps away from one another. The fair is held every year in May.” 32 minutes driving from W Mexico City

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