Wakaya Club & Spa Receives the First Official Marine Park Reserve Recognition from Government of Fiji

Wakaya Club & Spa Receives the First Official Marine Park Reserve Recognition from Government of Fiji
As part of the preservation program, Wakaya created a marine park which recently received recognition as an official Marine Reserve by the government of Fiji. This marks the first Marine Reserve of its kind in the country!

The waters of Wakaya hold a trove of treasures for guests to discover, and the benefits of this official recognition will keep this protected ecosystem teeming with life and color for years to come. Most importantly, the marine life that call this barrier reef home will continue to thrive through the protection of vital fish breeding areas, the preservation of breeding turtles and the addition of 1,000+ giant clams to breed and spread through the reef system, just to name a few. Since the Marine Reserve is in the pristine controlled island environment of Wakaya, there is no pollution and the preservation team is projecting there to be a growth in surrounding reef fish populations as they breed in safety and migrate to reefs that have been over fished in the past.

Wakaya marine life

There is no better way to discover Wakaya than by venturing into “the blue.” Guests can observe a rich variety of Fijian marine life simply by wading into the water, as the reserve is situated directly off the shores of the island. This eliminates the need for boats to access dive sites, which helps to provide a safe and protected bay perfectly suited for scuba diving and snorkeling for all ages. Additionally, experienced divers enjoy a more relaxed long dive in a sheltered reserve environment, and photography enthusiasts benefit from the ideal setting with clear water and access to giant clam populations & friendly turtles.

Overnight visits to Wakaya Club & Spa include two one-tank dives per person, per day and all equipment. Enhanced by the trained direction of island staff who call these waters home, certified scuba divers can explore more than a dozen outstanding dive sites just minutes from the marina. For non-certified divers, the team has a selection of scuba courses available so guests may become certified on Wakaya.

When not diving or snorkeling, guests can immerse themselves in island life at their own pace with a myriad of activities such as hiking through the wild natural landscape, playing golf on the 9-hole course and enjoying a game of tennis or croquet. Relaxing spa treatments are also available, along with just simply unwinding in a hammock or escaping to a secluded beach before partaking in a traditional kava ceremony with fellow guests and staff.

The Wakaya Club & Spa is one of the world's finest tropical resorts, a private retreat that accomplishes an extraordinary combination – providing gracious living, sophisticated cuisine and unparalleled leisure opportunities fully immersing guests in the peace and tranquility of island life.

For more information on the Wakaya Marine Reserve or to inquire about a visit to the island, please visit www.wakaya.com.