Wall Decor Ideas You Should Invest In Your New House

Wall Decor Ideas You Should Invest In Your New House

When you begin decorating your new house, getting overwhelmed is not uncommon. Only some people have the energy or affordability to deal with a personal designer. Architectural Digest can make things confusing with the array of options.

Picking the right color for your walls and furniture for your floor is still easy. However, our creativity takes a toll when it comes to filling these walls. Moreover, we want to set the scene right. Not invest in decorative items only to realize they do not go well together.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss some of the wall decor ideas you can try, especially if you have a slight inclination toward the vintage style.

Wall Decor Ideas

Begin with knowing the theme you are picking for your house. Depending on what your walls and furniture emit, your wall decor should complement.

Add Some Greenery

A touch of greenery on your wall is always a perfect way to change your home setting without doing much. The best part about this wall decor is how the green complements every wall color.

Especially when you bring greens of different shades and place them randomly, you can create a ‘green’ wall with vines and creepers. Or, place saplings and indoor plants on smaller shelves on the wall.

Ensure enough sunlight is available for the saplings to grow!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If you still need clarification about what to do with your wall, you can always pick mirrors. These are why mirrors are the perfect decors (...if you are too lazy to try anything else).

  • They reflect the existing lights in your room, essentially lighting up more.
  • You can choose the frame to fit your house’s theme.
  • Keeping the mirrors clean is easier than any shelf.

Black & White Wall

A classic will always go a long way!

A black and white wall can always accentuate your house and is not even that difficult to achieve.

Paint your wall matt black, and thrift some black and white photo frames. Print a few black and white photos and place them within the frames. The pictures can be your own or aesthetical stock images.

Vintage Map

If you are a fan of the vintage theme, why not get something beautiful with a meaningful touch? Vintage 3D maps give you a beautiful piece to add character to your walls. The intricate details always remain the first attraction when guests see your piece.

You can have one big vintage map framed for your wall. But if you are a geography fanatic, you can always get a few and make an accent wall.

Pick your absolute favorite vintage 3D names from Muir Way

Picture Gallery Wall 

A picture wall will always be in style, especially if you are an ardent photographer capturing every memory. Get different frame sizes and print your best memories. All that is left to do is drill some nails and hang some memories.

Vintage Brick Wall

Again, with another vintage art piece that can instantly light up any boring space. This looks especially aesthetic in a kitchen. If you love the fall season and have a weak spot for everything vintage, this is the wall décor for you.

The brick wall can also act as a base. For example, create two long shelves to keep all your aesthetic decorative items—candles, plants, cooking books, etc.

Try Variation Of Wall Art

Various wall art might have an overrated reputation, but they can be the perfect addition to the wall when picked right.

Variation of wall art includes oil paintings, vintage, abstract, and minimalist pieces. Put a statement piece behind the sofa or create a photo gallery wall.

Be A Little Bold - Try An Accent Wall

If you are all about creating a statement with your wall, then why not try a statement wall?

Get the best pattern or painting and cover your entire backdrop with it. Yes, we often fear it won’t look good once done, but no one can get gorgeous backdrops without the risk.

Hang A Shelf For Plates

Shelves are an easy way to add a personal touch to your wall, especially when you cannot afford to paint your walls.

Or do you need to be in the mood to paint your walls?

Drill horizontal shelves against your wall, then bring out your best plate collection. If you have a China to show off but wish to refrain from serving on them, hanging your plates will get you the best out of both worlds.

Pick The Best!

When you think about the different ways you can decorate your walls, considering all the options won’t be helpful. This is why picking the right theme is very important. Here is how you could pick the right theme for your walls.

Personal Style: Consider your personal preferences and aesthetic sensibilities.

Functionality: Consider how the theme will suit your lifestyle and daily activities.

Color Palette: Decide on a color scheme that reflects the theme and complements your space.

Inspiration: Seek inspiration from design magazines, websites, and social media.

Existing Elements: Evaluate existing furniture and decor that can be incorporated into the theme.

Budget: Set a budget for new items and renovations, and stick to it.

Mood and Atmosphere: Choose a theme that evokes the desired mood or ambiance.

Trends vs. Timelessness: Decide if you want a trendy or timeless theme.

Cohesiveness: Ensure all elements work together harmoniously within the chosen theme.

Personal Connection: Opt for a theme that resonates with you and tells your story.