Wardrobe Essentials to Take with You on Your Next Luxury Holiday

Wardrobe Essentials to Take with You on Your Next Luxury Holiday

Take to the seas or skies with a sophisticated and elegant wardrobe that will see you steal the spotlight at your final destination. Whether it’s a luxury cruise or a five-star retreat in a European capital, put your best foot forward and create memories that you will treasure forever.

With so many beautiful destinations forming our travel plans for 2023, each place demands a different kind of wardrobe, be that sophisticated linen sets for the tropics or haute couture for fashion capitals around the world.

Wherever the wind blows you in 2023, here are all the things you need to consider when building a beautiful capsule wardrobe for vacation.

Where are you headed?

Your destination will shape most of your sartorial decisions. And no place allows you to embrace your inner fashionista quite like Europe. With stunning luxury destinations like Santorini, Cinque Terre, the South of France and Portofino, not to mention the fashion capitals Paris, Berlin and Milan, you can design your capsule to suit the climate and the activities you’re going to do there.

Before going, research local designers and social media to get a feel for what people are wearing there. This will then inform which evening dress you will take to wear for an elegant dinner out.

Seasonal styling

The weather will also inform your capsule wardrobe. It’s easy enough in summer, but in winter things get trickier and it’s easier to sacrifice our personal style to stay warm. So, if you’re jetting off for a luxury winter wonderland experience, invest in great quality thermals which you can layer underneath the pieces you want to show off.

A stylish coat is, of course, your best friend during these months. Choose one that reflects your own sense of style, checking that it’s made of insulating materials like wool and cashmere, so you can make a statement even when the temperatures hit the minuses.

In terms of colors, take your cues from tried-and-tested seasonal colors that always see your outfit hit the right note. For Spring, stick to pastels and soft, soothing shades before moving onto bright turquoises, oranges and yellows for Summer.

As the leaves start falling off the trees, reflect their turning colors with deep oranges and earth greens. Go one step further in Winter with rich jewel tones like deep ruby, emerald green and sapphire blue.


A beautiful accessory will take an outfit up a notch. Whether it’s a diamond necklace or a chunky pair of earrings, statement jewelry is the perfect way to inject some attitude and color into an otherwise neutral outfit.

Then turn your attention to your hair. With it-girls taking it back to the noughties with sparkly clips and hairbands, bring an element of fun to your locks for a complete look.