4 Ways to Experience Shoulder Season Travel on the Greek island of Paros

4 Ways to Experience Shoulder Season Travel on the Greek island of Paros

The fall months on Paros reveal its true splendor. With pleasant weather, smaller crowds, and an abundance of activities, the picturesque Greek island truly shines. Here are several ways for travelers to enjoy a visit during the shoulder season:

Hike to Churches and Monasteries: Paros offers over 20 miles of hiking trails with routes ranging from easy walks to strenuous treks taking in Byzantine churches, peaceful olive groves, and panoramic views from the highest points on the island. Popular trails to enjoy during the cooler fall weather include the moderate route to the 11th-century Panagia Ekatontapiliani church and the challenging hike to the 17th-century Profitis Ilias monastery.

Visit Museums and Villages: Home to several historical and cultural attractions, top sites include the old town of Parikia, home to the impressive Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, as well as the Byzantine Museum showcasing icons and mosaics and the Archaeological Museum housing ancient artifacts. Travelers can also enjoy the island life by wandering through traditional hillside villages like Naoussa, Lefkes, and Marpissa.

Take a Dip in the Aegean Sea: With over 30 spectacular beaches and waters averaging 77° F, Paros is a beachgoer’s paradise even after summer has ended. Kolimbithres boasts iconic rock formations perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling, Golden Beach offers shallow, calm waters ideal for families, and the secluded cove of Paralia Drios is perfect for tranquil relaxation. The long, sandy beach of Chrissi Akti is also renowned for its windsurfing and kitesurfing opportunities.

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