9 Ways to Style Mens Travel Pants

9 Ways to Style Mens Travel Pants

If you’ve only just discovered mens travel pants, you might wonder how you survived so long without them. These are essential articles of clothing that any guy needs in his wardrobe when navigating airports, road trips, or just everyday journeys through life.

Maybe you’re just breaking in your first pair of mens travel pants, and you need some tips in the style department. We’ve compiled nine unique tips to help you wear mens travel pants with some extra flair without losing any function.

1. All-Out Athleisure

Unless you’ve been fully tuned out of the fashion world, you’ll know about the athleisure trend of the 2010s that is still going strong today. These are the sporty materials and fits that look and feel great at the gym or any casual, social situation.

You won’t wear athleisure to the office, most likely, but nearly any other daily scenario is ideal to enjoy this level of comfort, especially with dedicated mens travel pants.

2. Formal with Function

The best travel pants are known for versatility, and the real test comes when dressing them up with buttoned shirts, blazers, and more formal footwear. This may not be your everyday approach to wearing travel pants, but it’s nice to know you always have the option.

We suggest styling travel pants with some formalwear just to see how it feels. You might be surprised how effective and comfortable this style can be.

3. Semi-Business Casual

Today’s office culture is a bit more laid back, meaning you can get away with more casual travel pants when doing business. Pair your travel pants with a breezy polo shirt or flexible button-down, and wear some upscale sneakers to round out this modern look.

4. Traveler Mode

When you’re ready to hit the road, look no further than mens travel pants that are designed for your next big adventure. Utility is the key here, so wear a shirt with pockets, buckle up a functional side pack, and make the most of every accessory you bring along.

Once you experience the convenience of traveler mode first hand, there’s no going back.

5. Streetwear Inspired

You don’t need to dress like Kanye to enjoy some street-inspired styles with today’s travel pants. In fact, travel pants offer a simple entry point into the streetwear concept for those who may be interested.

Find travel pants that have a military or tech look but still maintain the flex of activewear.

6. King of the Beach

Need a bit of extra protection on those 100-degree beach days? Travel pants can be lightweight enough to provide that coverage without bringing your body to the boiling point.

Make sure you’ve got some lightweight fabrics up top to stay cool as your legs are protected. Linen and cotton button-downs are great way to do the beach and still look like a star.

7. Outdoor Adventurer

Nature is calling, and travel pants are engineered for you to stay comfy and safe on the trails. As you trek through the forest or desert, enjoy the versatility of travel pants with a trusty lightweight fleece or breathable longsleeve tee.

You’ll find that travel pants look great with hiking boots and other rugged footwear, as well. This is your chance to finally get out into the great outdoors and look stylish while doing it. With travel pants, you won’t have to swap out shorts, sweatpants, and jeans - just one pair will take you very far.

8. Oversized Silhouettes

If you’ve been wearing the same “safe” silhouettes for years, let travel pants introduce you to the world of oversized clothes. This doesn’t mean you wear clothes carelessly or avoid clothes that fit properly. It’s a deliberate styling choice that expands the width and length of key items for a dramatic contrasting effect.

Travel pants are perfect for trying out the oversized trend because they are so lightweight and won’t drag you down. Compared to oversized jeans or chinos, travel pants just look better with a bit of extra room around the thighs.

Test out these bigger fits and see how that freedom looks and feels for yourself.

9. Pure Workwear

Certain styles let others know you’re here to put in work, and travel pants definitely broadcast that image of utility and focus. The best mens travel pants have stretch so that you can move around, while also protecting your skin and regulating temperature - perfect for any working conditions.

Add on a chore coat or other workwear favorites and you’ve got a modern working man’s look that will turn some heads on the streets.

Style Pants to Perfection

For any guys struggling with style, most issues stem from the bottom half of your outfit - mainly the pants. Test out a wide range of travel pants and unlock a new dimension of style that you never knew existed.