Wealth Planning Center: A Leader In Financial Services

Wealth Planning Center: A Leader In Financial Services

Wealth Planning Center, known as one of the leading firms in the country specializing in life insurance, estate planning, tax minimization and asset protection, is growing its footprint to offer its high-net-worth clients access to cutting-edge financial services spanning wealth preservation strategies, commercial and high-asset insurance and alternative investments, including SPACs.

“Wealth Planning Center has become a one-stop-shop and hub for financial services,” says Marc Wachter, the founder and owner of WPC. “With this expansion, we are truly the financial planning quarterback with a best-in-class network of advisers and resources enabling us to provide sophisticated and innovative wealth preservation and accumulation strategies. We are bringing unique investment opportunities typically not available to the public, including some of the most successful SPACs in history.”

The upgraded WPC network is comprised of professionals from the areas of estate planning, asset protection, life and commercial insurance, tax strategy, accounting, financial planning and money management. All members are licensed professionals committed to bringing solutions that substantially benefits all parties.

Wealth Planning Center was created by Wachter, an estate planning lawyer turned top-tier life insurance agent, in 1999 to help clients navigate the ins and outs of life insurance and its benefits as an investment strategy. For over 25 years, Wachter, the ultimate insider, has been lauded for his professionalism, business acumen, proven track record and relationships with multiple top-tier insurance companies. This respect and transparency set WPC apart from its competitors and is the foundation of the company’s success and longevity.

“Life insurance is an amazing tool because it offers preferential tax treatment,” says Wachter. “The money that grows inside a life insurance policy is tax deferred, and, if designed properly, can also be withdrawn tax free so it can be used to supplement retirement. Life insurance also provides the liquidity for estate taxes for high-net-worth individuals that they can pass onto their dependents upon their death income tax free. Lastly, in certain states—including Florida—the cash value and proceeds thereof are exempt from creditors, making life insurance the ultimate wealth preservation strategy.”

In today’s chaotic environment, affluent people are looking to diversify beyond traditional stocks and bonds into strategies that can offer some level of protection from market volatility, inflation and rising interest rates. There’s also a sense of urgency for investors to engage in investment strategies as Americans are faced with the largest gift tax and estate tax exemptions in history, which will sunset in 2026. Wachter addresses these immediate needs with his clients, coupled with a more forward-looking approach to enhancing and preserving their wealth.

And if 2021 felt like financial whiplash, between the global pandemic and speculation over whether the U.S. government would pass the Build Back Better bill, 2022 is similarly presenting an uncertain future with the war in Ukraine and high inflation at home. Which is why financial planning, risk management, asset protection, tax strategies and legacy planning solutions should be top of mind.

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