Well, Well, Well, It’s Time to Detox

Well, Well, Well, It’s Time to Detox

Everyone could use a little pampering now and then. Good for the body, soul and mind, a detox can feel like a fresh beginning. Here are wellness treatments from around the world that can also be used as inspiration for some self-care during daily life.

Technology Detox at Tswalu Kalahari 

In Setswana, Tswalu means a “new beginning” and will leave guests feeling refreshed after days spent exploring all that the Kalahari has to offer. Guests are encouraged to put the phone down and enjoy Tswalu’s award-winning spa is crafted from natural materials such as reed ceilings and dry-stone walls in the relaxing indoor and outdoor showers. Treatments range from aromatic candle massages to exfoliation with red dune sand, desert mineral crystals and botanical fibers, all sourced from the Kalahari. When they aren’t recharging in the spa, guests can enjoy Tswalu’s safari drives during the day and plenty of outdoor time under the stars at night, all without having to worry about their phones.

Detox Body Wrap at Tata Harper Spa, Hotel Lou Pinet

The Tata Harper Spa at Hotel Lou Pinet offers a portfolio of purifying face, body and beauty treatments for men and women to relieve stress and restore inner harmony and radiance in state-of-the-art spa facilities. Located a just few minutes walk down the garden path from the hotel in a private area, the spa has been especially designed to resemble a small discreet and exclusive cave. Here, guests can enjoy a detoxifying hamman and experience luxurious and effective spa treatments from organic skincare brand, Tata Harper. Guests looking for a revitalized escape for refreshed skin should opt for the Detox Body Wrap. The Detox Body Wrap treatment re-energizes weary skin and was designed to deliver a total refreshed body. The treatment polishes skin to perfection then clarifies with targeted treatments, including a detoxifying body wrap to purge built up toxins on the surface of the skin. The finishing touch is a relaxing massage to help the body feel completely reinvigorated.

Diamond Cocoon Facial at 43 the Spa, Hotel Arts Barcelona

The luxurious wellness space 43 the Spa at Hotel Arts Barcelona features a new skincare treatment to combat pollution. The global pollution-protection treatment is inspired by a new product skincare line, the Diamond Cocoon Collection by Natura Bisse. Ways skincare can help protect people from pollution and its harmful effects is a wellness trend that has been on the rise that Natura Bisse and 43 the Spa is embracing as part of their new spa offerings for guests. The facial liberates, fortifies and shields skin from the effects of pollution. This prebiotic, revitalizing, and renewing treatment is designed to counter the effects of modern pollution and stress while also activating the full potential of the skin. The Diamond Cocoon Facial is a detoxifying ritual that leaves skin healthy, luminous and protected through enveloping massage techniques and its highly effective ingredients that purify, fortify and repair. Each of the Diamond Cocoon products are available at 43 the Spa for guests to utilize and continue to protect their skin following the treatment. Created by Spanish luxury skincare brand Natura Bissé, the Diamond Cocoon collection is a comprehensive skincare line that imitates the same functions as the epidermis - working as a dual-action smart defense system, the products strengthen the cutaneous barrier to protect its inner layers while also isolating pollution and ambient damage.

Thousand Flower Detox Wrap at the Saxon Spa, The Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa

An oasis nestled in the metropolis of Johannesburg, the Spa at the Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa is a lovely and transcendent retreat from the busy city. The extensive collection of treatments offered at the Saxon Spa include the Elemis Signature Therapy program, which works in natural synergy with skin, body and mind. Each signature treatment under the Elemis Signature Therapies were specifically designed to offer a uniquely indulgent experience, using de-stressing massage and luxurious products. For a complete body reinvigoration experience and the ultimate detoxifying treatment, the Elemis Signature Therapy program offers the Thousand Flower Detox Wrap. The nutrient-rich wrap encourages superb skin health through powerful detoxification. It stimulates the body’s toxin elimination process, restores equilibrium and boosts energy levels. As a result the skin is left silky soft and conditioned.

Sleep Rooms at Ellerman House
Reinventing the definition of room service, Cape Town’s Ellerman House Hotel offers the continent’s first Sleep Rooms. The Sleep Rooms have been designed by internationally-renowned Elite Wellness Consultant, Harry Jameson, to promote rest and relaxation. Ellerman House has optimized the experience in its Sleep Rooms, removing all electronics from the room while creating a space to restore, recover and regenerate. Guests are welcomed with a unique Sleep Pack, including everything from Lemon Verbena & Argan Oil Bath Salts and sleep-enhancing Stillness Body Butter, to Lavender & Neroli Pillow and Linen Mist, comforting eye masks and CBD Chamomile tea. The Wellness team guides guests through Ellerman House’s signature Sleep Ritual, scientifically designed to help the body naturally increase melatonin and evoke deep sleep. (please note that Ellerman House is currently closed but is scheduled to reopen in September 2020)

Immerse in Nature at Fregate Island Private

Newly reopened Fregate Island Private is one of the most revered hideaways in the Seychelles, offering guests the ability to detox and recharge in privacy and seclusion in the 17 beautifully crafted villas located across the unique island. Guests can spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying the wide range of activities available, from hiking and mountain biking over six miles of trails through the jungle, to diving and snorkeling in the bright blue sea and enjoying guided nature walks with Fregate’s resident conservationist.

To help them attune to the island’s natural rhythm, every guest receives a complimentary yoga session and welcome massage at the Rock Spa, a shaded sanctuary within a peaceful teak house on a granite hilltop, with views across the rain forest canopy to the Indian Ocean. Treatments offered at Rock Spa include coconut milk body scrubs, facials and massages that use many of the botanicals and fruits found right on the island. Guests can collect their own fruit and ingredients in the gardens, to create an organic treatment for natural beauty. The Rock Spa also includes an infinity pool which hangs over lush greenery trees in the peaceful forest.

Andean Healing Therapies with Quasar Expeditions

Quasar Expeditions offers guests the chance to have a digital detox from their devices and connect with their surroundings for a week of wellness and wellbeing, thanks to remote cruises on their small yachts, the M/V Evolution and the M/Y Grace. Sailing through the secluded Galapagos Islands, the cruises allow guests to get up close and personal with the islands' amazing animals by snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and kayaking. Adventurers can expect to see plenty of native wildlife, including turtles, sea lions, and the infamous blue-footed boobies, creating a once in a lifetime experience - without any distractions.

Travelers wishing to extend their trip for even more of a detox can enjoy Quasar's three-day retreat at SachaJi. Combining Andean healing therapies with massage treatments, yoga classes and meditation sessions, this physical, mental and spiritual escape pampers the mind, body and soul. Guests leave feeling that they have reconnected with their "self" and with a new appreciation for the beauty found in nature.

Elimate Fatigue at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Nestled in the Alpine region of Arosa, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is known for its unique ultramodern Mario Botta–designed Tschuggen Bergoase Spa. The 54,000 square-feet spa and wellness center is built directly into the mountain and connected to the hotel by a glass walkway. A four-story retreat waits behind the sail-shaped windows, including a rock grotto, fire pit, indoor and outdoor pools and saunas, and private spa suites. The ultimate wellness and detox destination, the Bergoase Spa offers a special Swiss Body Detox, an intense body treatment to eliminate tenseness and fatigue. Add a relaxing hydrotherapy bath following the treatment, and travelers are sure to leave feeling re-energized and purified.

Sensory Cleansing at Pangkor Laut Resort

YTL Hotels’ Pangkor Laut Resort is located on its own 300-acre private island off the west coast of Malaysia, comprised of a 2-million-year-old rainforest and surrounded by white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. The resort’s award-winning Spa Village Pangkor Laut features treatments inspired by the healing traditions of the region using natural, local ingredients. All of their programs combine physical and spiritual health and well-being, and are based on one of four umbrella concepts: Rejuvenation and Longevity, Relaxation and Stress Reduction, Detoxification, and Romance.

For travelers specifically looking for a detox, Spa Village boats an Ayurvedic Hut with individual treatments and 7, 14 or 28-day programs to help gain insight into maintaining balanced health and spiritual well-being. Experiences range from Navarakizhi, where travelers are rubbed with hot wrapped bundles of Navara rice cooked in herbal milk to remove toxins and revitalize the body, to Dinacharya, the cleansing of the five sensory organs, leaving guests feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.