Holistic Wellness Escape at Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Holistic Wellness Escape at Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio, Jamaica offers an unparalleled wellness escape. Being the most Green hotel in Jamaica sets the tone, this is a holistic approach to wellness. An expansive blooming garden of over six acres becomes the stage. A sequestered area for meditation gives you a peaceful oasis where you can experience an inner calm. Morning yoga is surrounded by fragrant flowering plants, open views and cooling sea breezes. Spa treatments are indulgent and done with locally produced organic products. Under a garden pavilion massage relieves stress while hearing the soft chirps of tropical birds. This garden of wellness is truly unique putting the guest in touch not only with themselves but with the subtle restorative rhythms of nature.

It is a place to sleep-in, to enjoy long leisurely meals, to take quiet walks in the garden or read a book in a softly swaying hammock. In the evening over cocktails watch the sunset give way to a sky full of twinkling stars. Hear the soft serenade of tiny tree frogs while fireflies quietly blink by.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio aerial view

Hotel Mockingbird Hill respects nature. Sustainability has been thought out to the smallest detail. Energy is renewable, the purified water is from catchment, everything is recycled, materials are locally sourced. This dedication to creating a Green experience adds to the guest’s sense of wellbeing.

The exquisite food is a Slow Food that is organic, seasonal and locally grown and if the delicious flavors were not enough the food is served on a terrace with sweeping views of the Port Antonio coastline and its extremely colorful sunsets.

While it would be easy to spend the entire time of your wellness escape within the grounds of the hotel, in the wellness garden or lounging by the pool but the hotel can also arrange off property experiences that complement the wellness experiences. Imagine an early morning walk on a pristine white sand beach all to yourself, floating in the calm crystal clear waters of San San Bay beneath the warm Caribbean sun, taking a languid trip down the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft enveloped by the sights and sounds of unspoiled nature.

The friendly professional staff thoroughly understands importance of continuity in a wellness escape and will plan every experience during your stay to help you re-balance and renew.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is located in quiet and friendly Port Antonio on the Northeast coast of Jamaica away from the large tourist areas.