What Clothing to Pack for a Cruise Ship Holiday

What Clothing to Pack for a Cruise Ship Holiday

So, you want to go on a cruise ship holiday. But, what happens if you’ve never holidayed onboard a cruise before? You might not know what clothing to pack! Arriving to any destination without the appropriate holiday clothing can spell disaster for your time abroad – especially if you’re without the right swimwear or shoes to enjoy your cruise! Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no need to panic. Just get your suitcase ready, and read our handy guide for what clothing to pack for a cruise ship holiday.


For the day-to-day routine of your cruise ship holiday, it’s essential that you have a great rota of casual clothes to hand. Cotton or linen t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, skirts and a pair of sandals are always reliable staples. The material that your casualwear is made out of is important. Corduroy jeans are going to be far more uncomfortable in the heat, than linen pants are. Likewise, if you’re travelling to a frostier destination, we’d definitely not recommend packing light t-shirts and shorts over a parka, or woolly jumper.


Do you intend to make the most of your cruise ship’s shore excursions? Pack for your destinations accordingly. We’ve termed these clothes ‘adventure-wear’! For example, if you know you intend on doing lots of walking, pack hardy walking shoes and check out Tortuga's travel accessories. Don’t forget to pack a hoodie or jacket either, just in case the weather changes quickly whilst you’re exploring a beautiful destination.


Most cruises have pools, and just in case they don’t, the wide ocean is out there, ready for you to take a dip! For this reason, you should pack a selection of swimwear choices – a different set for every other day of your vacation is something we’d suggest, as they’re sure to soak up the water and dampen quickly. A sun hat, sunglasses and even a sun cover-up would also be a good idea – the open water can get very hot, and you could be cruising to some tropical destinations.


Certain ships host regular formal events, including Ball, Theatre and Casino nights, that demand you adhere to a smarter dress code. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to put on your Sunday best – a three-piece suit, for example, or a floor-length dress. We also recommend packing formal shoes like heels, or leather Oxfords, just in case you get the opportunity to attend one of these events!

Ready for your cruise ship holiday?

Ready for your cruise ship holiday? Have you double-checked all of the clothing you’ve packed? Before you set off, it’s important that you choose the right cruise for all of your holidaygoing needs. There’s no use being well-prepared, without the perfect cruise liner waiting for you. You can get the best Silversea Cruises at Imagine Cruising – an intimate, luxurious cruise liner that knows how to care for you.