What Happens If My Flight is Delayed and I Miss My Connection?

What Happens If My Flight is Delayed and I Miss My Connection?

Did you know around 20% of all flights in the United States arrive at their destination late? Did you know around 2% are canceled? That’s according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. For anyone who flies even semi-frequently, there’s a chance they have flown on a flight that has arrived late.

If the airport you land in is your final destination, the late landing time is an inconvenience. If you are hopping on a connecting flight at the airport, the late landing can quickly become a disaster. It makes organizing your holiday all the more stressful because you trip is at the mercy of airline efficiency.

Using Flightright to help you know your rights when you flight is delayed can help you be more equipped when planning a holiday. Furthermore, we have decided to put together some basic information on what your options are specifically if you miss a connecting flight because of a delay on your first leg.

Whether you are flying to New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, or overseas, flight delays are more common than you think. So, let’s take a look at what you can do if you miss that all-important connecting flight according to this guide.

Keep Track of Your Flight

Firstly, you should be keeping track of the status of your flight to see if there are any early delays before you get to the airport. There are several resources online that can help you track live flights, such as AirportInformation.com. Start tracking the flight status 24 hours before take-off. If there are any delays, you can speak to the airline and look for alternative flights or compensation.

If My Flight is Delays, When Should I Get to the Airport?

This depends entirely on the status of your flights. Needless to say, if it has been cancelled before you need to be at the airport, you should speak with the airline by phone before heading to the airport for a potentially long wait. If you are in the airport or even at the gate when the delay happens, you will have to listen to the airline staff about what to do next.

Even if you now the flight is delayed, it is probably better to head to the airport on time because flight times are often subject to change. The only time to avoid going to the airport is if you know for sure the flight is cancelled or rescheduled.

What to do if Flight is Delayed and I Miss My Connection?

Having to deal with a delayed flight is one thing but knowing that delay will likely cause you to miss a connection is a travel disaster. There are a couple of scenarios where the delay is out of your control, you may wondering what rights you have.

Well, unfortunately, even if the missed connection is your airline’s fault, they are not legally obligated to compensate you. If the connection is on the same airline of through a ticket share, the airline is likely to offer you seats on later flights. Airlines also usually provide hotel and food vouchers if you need to wait for that new flight.

Still, it is important to remember there is no legal obligation on the airline’s part. Missing a flight can be a frustrating experience, but there's always a silver lining. Instead of feeling disappointed, consider using the extra time to explore your surroundings a little longer. If your visa and schedule allow, you can make the most of this opportunity by downloading Textr eSIM and purchasing an eSIM data plan. This app offers seamless connectivity to the fastest local network available in all the countries it covers. With Textr, you can stay connected and make the most of your time abroad, turning an unexpected delay into an opportunity for adventure.

Missing Your Flight Because of Something Within Your Control

If you miss your connection because of something within your control, like being late for the gate, then the airline will not help. You will be completely on your own. That’s why it is very important to be at the airport on time for scheduled flights and to ensure your timekeeping is good within the airport.

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