What is the best time of year to visit South Africa?

What is the best time of year to visit South Africa?

South Africa is blessed with beautiful landscapes, it has a lot for every kind of visitor. It has beautiful mountains, coasts, different weathers, wildlife, hot desert, national festivals, and parks. It is an adventurous, exciting, and stunning country. The best time of the year to visit South Africa is from May to September, there is winter during these months in the northern regions. November to February is also a good time to travel to South Africa for birding. Between these months the weather is dry, hot, and it can be rainy. A couple million travelers book cheap flights to South Africa in a year using different online booking websites like CheapFlights, KAYAK and FlightMateza, so it is difficult to determine the best time to go there.

People from different areas of the world choose best time for their tour to Africa while saving their cost. Most of the Muslims perform Umrah through Umrah packages and visit South Africa while coming back from Saudi Arabia. It save saves their budget and makes them able to make their journey memorable. People belonging to other religions also choose their best time for their travel to South Africa. What is the best time of the year to visit South Africa, actually it depends on your budget, weather, schedule, and the regions or cities of the country which you want to visit.

Peak season:

Summer months from November to March are the peak seasons. Most travelers visit South Africa in summer, people like to go and enjoy beaches.

Shoulder season:

In South Africa, spring and autumn are the second-best seasons to visit. These seasons are between March to May and September to November. Tourists like to go in parks and coasts.

Low season:

Winters are the low season. It is between May to September. But in many regions this weather is ideal. Many tourists like to visit some of its cities in winter.

Summer is the best time to visit South Africa (Nov to Feb)

Summers bring dry and wet weather. Usually, it depends where you are, the coasts are sunny and hot, in northern areas, there is a thunderstorm, in Kruger and KwaZulu there is lush greenery and rainfall, and in western and eastern cape weather is Mediterranean. This is the best time for travelers to visit South Africa in the summers. Because it is a perfect blend of culture, pleasure, wildlife, and adventure. Tourists can enjoy festivals, whale watching, popular activities, and attractions of South Africa. If you have a good budget you can go and enjoy in high season.

Winter is also the good time for budget travelers (May to Sep):

In winter average day temperature is between 10-15C. The weather is very pleasant in winter. It is difficult to call it a low season. Tourists can enjoy the wildlife, the watering holes help to spot the animal’s flock. Visitors can enjoy the big games at Kruger and Phinda. Travelers love winter tours of South Africa. Safari, wildflowers, botanical gardens, Drakensberg Mountain, and Elephant coast are big attractions. In Cape Town and Western Cape Town, it’s a rainy season. Travelers can enjoy delicious traditional food in Cape Town restaurants.

South Africa in spring (Sep to Nov):

This is the perfect weather for indoor and outdoor activities. There are many reasons to plan a visit in spring. Festival seasons start during these months, Durban International Blues Festival, Hermanus Whale festival and street food festival in Johannesburg and Cape Town.  Tourists enjoy these festivals and make their tours memorable. Visitors can see dolphins, sharks, sea birds, and whales on the southern and eastern coasts. Booking Qatar Airways flights makes it possible to visit South Africa within budget

South Africa in autumn (March to May):

In autumn in most areas of South Africa weather stays warm. Rains and winds add a cooling touch to the air. It is a harvest season of wine lands. In Kruger and Madikwe visitors can enjoy the incredible wildlife in National parks. In Drakensberg Mountain, is the best time to go hiking.

South Africa is an adventurous country, it has many amazing places to see and a lot of things to do throughout the year.